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INCI: Apis Mellifera L. Absolute

Beeswax Absolute or as it is known in France, absolue de cire d'abeille, is an exquisite waxy substance for use in perfumery and other cosmetics. This gourmand scent reminds me of the aroma in a honey house at harvest time. Warm, sweet, and with slight hints of hay and smoke, this absolute will transport you to a warm, sunny day.

This product will arrive in most locations as a pliable wax-like material. Don't worry! Simply place in a warm water bath and allow to liquify. Beeswax Absolute completely melts around 140 degrees F, so your body heat will help only make it more pliable if you need to use right away.

You can dilute in 190 proof alcohol or a liquid oil like Jojoba or Coconut Oil Fractions. If using to make perfumes, we recommend mixing at warm temperatures to prevent the Beeswax Absolute from beading and ensure that the perfume is completely mixed.

Sizes are limited to 1 and 4 gram increments only. This is a special offer and does not have great gobs of stock. Don't wait!

Due to the cost of this item, we suggest use in salves, balms, creams and similar products. This item is potent and will not be used at the same rates as most fragrance oils or essential oils. Use lightly! The fragrance carries and lasts!

This oil may even be used as a flavor (please use lightly!) in a lip balm. It will make your lip balm have a warm honey-like flavor. Can you say yum?

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