Blueberry Flavor Oil, Natural

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Mmmm, blueberries. Just say the name of these fabulous fruits and I'm there! If a dessert contains blueberries, I always swear that I've died and gone to heaven. This flavor is my new favorite!

Blueberry blends well with so many of our existing flavors! Try mixing with Cheesecake for a blueberry cheesecake, Natural Vanilla Oil for blueberries & cream, Chocolate Cream for chocolate covered blueberries and more!

To make this flavor even more awesomer (is that even a word?), we've made this a natural flavor. Time to celebrate with blueberries!

Use 2 to 4% in lip balm. For a batch of lip balm that makes 50 tubes (.15 ounces each) or 25 jars (.25 ounces each) use from 6 to 11 grams. This converts to approximately 6.5 to 12 milliliters if you would rather use a pipette.

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