Coconut Oil, Virgin

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INCI = Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil

This organic oil has a wonderful, warm aroma of coconuts. This odor is great in lotions, creams, balms, and just for plain old coconut oil rubs on the skin. It is yummy smelling. Coconut has long been a favorite in our fragrance oil section, now we have a real scent in the fixed oils part of our catalog.

The blog group is making some cold process soap with this oil. They will let us know if the odor stays at all, or morphs. The R&D team was most concerned about lotions, lip balms, and butters when they considered this product.

16 fl oz jar weighs about .7 lbs. The remaining sizes are all sold by weight.

I was just reminded by Nicole that the 5 lb pail of Coconut Oil needs a pail wrench. These handy tools help work off a lid that would otherwise need to be cut at the marks. We do not recommend cutting. Instead, please use the pail wrench on this problematic size, if we did not use this type of lid the 5 lb size of coconut could not be sold during the summer or shipped to warm locations. Thank you for your understanding.

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