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Our newest spray bottle is rather a technical genius! You know the trigger finger fatigue after a day of cleaning or other spray application. Fatigue no more! This bottle has an internal liner that allows the contents to become pressurized with a few quick succession pumps. The bottle will then spray for several seconds without another squeeze.

Using this aerosol-like bottle is simple; fill the bottle with water or other desired product, LABEL, press cap down on to bottle, and give a slight twist. The sprayer is now engaged on the bottle, and spraying can commence. I've been using a water-filled bottle to mist my feet and neck during this warm summer. I have used a bottle to mist my watercolor paints so I can enjoy a session of painting. I have even filled the sprayer with a light solid-surface cleaner (a bit of water and vinegar). The bottles and sprayers are white, so labeling is an absolute must.

Bottles are sold as singles and as a 16-pack (which fits nicely in a box). I expect these bottles to be used with hydrosols, flower waters, dilute vinegar cleaners, and even plain water. I have enjoyed this sprayer at the dryer as I remove wrinkles with a few sprays and a quick shake. I know you will be so tickled to use this spray bottle for your fine-mist applications.

This bottle holds 10.75 ounces of water.

Spray on!