Helichrysum Essential Oil

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INCI: Helichrysum Angustifolium Flower Oil

Helichrysum is known as immortelle or everlasting. The funny thing about that is Immortelle is a different species, namely Helichrysum arenarium.

Many of the everlastings that were once classified as Helichrysum have now been reclassified. Science is always finding new things and clarifying the old views.

So, what is Helichrysum? This plant is called Helichrysum angustifolium or Helichrysum italicum. The first naming means narrow leafed, and the second name is indicating an origin from Italy. The plant has about 24 inch stems which produce flowers. The flowers contain the essential oil. Any gardener who likes dried flower arrangements will surely like the Helichrysum family. The flowers can retain their color when dried. Just clip, hang upside down, and the stiff stems will be colorful for long periods of time.

When is Helichrysum traditionally used? When the practitioner needs help with making anti-inflammatory, fungicidal, and astringent salves, ointment, and creams. Helichrysum is also used to soothe burns and raw, chapped skin. Lastly, helichrysum is used as a fixative in perfumes and has an intense fragrance.

To me, the oil smells spicy, sweet, salty, herbaceous, and clean.

Our helichrysum oil is steam distilled in a copper still. If you have always wanted to try Helichrysum, but you were unsure of how it would work in a lotion or cream, now is your chance to try without having to mortgage the farm to do it.

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