Hinoki Wood Fragrance Oil

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Many of you know that we have some base note fans on our staff. They enjoy the musky scents, the medicinal scents and I dare say they are IN LOVE WITH lavender. ICK! OK, so what are the rest of you lavender fans supposed to do with me, who is hopelessly opposed to anything lavender? Give me Hinoki Wood!

Here is the low down on what this scent is like warm essences of blonde wood, cedar, and patchouly are enhanced with vanilla musk, cinnamon, clove and uplifted with notes of fresh eucalyptus, lavender, orange blossom, jasmine, and rose.

So, you might wonder why I am picking on just the lavender, and I want to clear the air. I am not picking on just lavender. The whole medicinal-earthy-woody thing doesn't move me until this scent. I kept coming back and wondering what was twirling my beanie! Maybe it is the vanilla musk, and maybe it is the rose and blonde wood. I am not really sure what has drawn me to this scent. Let's face it; I'm a fruity, citrus, bubble gum fan, not the hard-core essential oil fan. Hinoki is just so unusual and clean and wonderful. I am amazed, and the rest of the staff think I might just be singing the praises of lavender soon. Ok, so lavender might be a stretch, but my total enjoyment of Hinoki Wood Fragrance isn't. I think this is a great scent and that is saying something because this isn't fruity or citrusy or bubble gum!

Let me know what YOU think is the enticing magic behind this scent. I'll post the comments here so we can all share in this fab scent.

Alex is the first to write in about this scent. Here is how Alex describes Hinoki Wood: " I just got my order today, and I loved Hinoki Wood.
Here's how I described it on my website It's spicy, musky, woody, and mysterious. It is a new take on oriental perfumes. If you loved Shalimar, Obsession, Opium or Ciara, you'll love Hinoki Wood."

Not compatible with our cyclomethicone. The mixture remains cloudy.

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