Jojoba Oil, Colorless

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INCI = Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil

Saponification Value: 92 mg KOH / g of Fat

Jojoba has been used for skin and hair care for hundreds of years. Our jojoba has been deodorized and decolorized so your lotions can be white or can accept colors that remain true. Jojoba oil is similar to and has replaced Sperm Whale oil.

When using Jojoba in soap, limit its usage to one or two ounces per pound. Jojoba naturally accelerates tracing in soap recipes. We recommend that you use temperatures in the range of 100 F to 110 F when making soap with jojoba to accommodate this faster tracing.

1 gallon weighs 7 lbs.

Please note the smaller sizes require larger bottles since this item is sold by weight. The 4 oz wt requires a 6 fl oz bottle, and the 8 oz wt requires a 10 or 12 fl oz bottle. The 16 oz wt is a kit of two 8 oz wt bottles. Do not be alarmed by the headspace in these bottles, and we have sent you a product that was weighed, not just filled to a fill line.

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