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INCI: Olea europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil

The oil we often turn to for small, creamy, and dense lather in soaps. Are you frustrated with the collection of olive oil on your grocer's shelves? We are too! Don't get us wrong; our grocer has many more options for flavorful olive oils, which are great for dipping, drizzling, and cooking. We are disappointed by the olive oil blends that discretely offer a blend of olive oil and something else. It is horrible to get home and find 10% olive oil and 90 % grapeseed oil listed in the ingredients in a 4 point font. GRRRR!

This is why we have sourced an olive oil that we feel is a good value for soapmakers and should solve some issues with blended oils.

Please remember that olive oil soaps can be very slow to get hard. Patience is the key. We have heard of people throwing away a soap that was too soft after 3 weeks. If you are an impatient soul, and many of us are, just put away any soap that has more than 35% olive oil. Set a date on your calendar and promptly FORGET IT! You will love the soap you find in a few weeks. Soaps that use as much as 90% olive oil can sometimes take 8 weeks to achieve sufficient hardness. This is where I find myself praying "for patience, right now!"

1 gallon weighs approximately 7.45 lbs.

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