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Our sachet cards have been so popular that we have added larger cards to our catalog. Cards can be refreshed anytime you desire. Just place these larger cards in the bottom of a drawer allow a few drops of undiluted fragrance or essential oil to absorb into the paper, then replace the items in the drawer.

Little fragrance is needed since the area is enclosed. Refresh when desired! This is such an easy way to add scent to a lingerie drawer, the linen closet you wish had been lined with cedar, the pantry, which needs a little lemon. Don't forget these cards can still be used under sofas, under car seats, in bookcases, clothing closets, storage rooms, and more! Only your imagination is the limit. 

Large 12 by 9.5 cards are 25 to a pack, medium size 9.5 by 6-inch cards are 50 to a pack, and the small size 4.75 by 3-inch cards are 100 to a pack.