Woodland Berry Fragrance Oil

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Close your eyes and pretend to go on a walk with me. Woodland Berry will take you deep into the forest for a calm escape from reality. Listen to the chirping songbirds and a babbling brook as it dances around the oak trees. See the deer as they pause to drink out of the brook.  Smell the sweet berries, wildflowers with the earthy and nutty scent of damp earth under a carpet of old fallen leaves. Feel the wind dance across your cheeks as you breathe.

Woodland Berry mixes wild berries with hints of nectarines and bergamot in a wooded meadow filled with geranium, violet leaves, and wildflowers while surrounded by oaks, acorns, pine, and a touch of musk. 

Woodland Berry Fragrance Oil is compatible with our Cyclomethicone!

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