Ordering Information

    Majestic Mountain Sage
    2490 South 1350 West
    Nibley, Utah 84321

    Phone : 435.755.0863
    Fax : 435.755.2108

      Our hours are Monday through Friday 8 AM to 4 PM Mountain Time. We will have a few Saturday hours throughout the year.


      This transaction is governed by Majestic Mountain Sage, Incís (MMS, we, our, us) terms and conditions of sale, notwithstanding any provisions submitted by buyer (you, yours, their). Acceptance of the order is expressly conditioned on buyerís assent to MMSís terms and conditions. MMS specifically rejects any different or additional terms and conditions and neither MMSís performance nor receipt of payment shall constitute any acceptance of them. In the event there is a written agreement signed by buyer and MMS that conflicts with the terms set forth below, the terms of the written agreement control for such specific provisions in conflict.


      We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. Our Gifts and Teas free gift program is reserved for accounts in good standing and without any alarms or restrictions.


      MMS makes no warranty of any kind, either express or implied, by fact or by law, other than its delivery of goods of MMSís standard quality. MMS makes no warranty of fitness for a particular purpose or warranty of merchantability. This warranty extends only to buyer, and in no event shall MMS be liable for any person designated as a third party beneficiary of this warranty or any other warranty held to survive MMSís disclaimer. Buyerís exclusive remedy for any breach of warranty is expressly limited to MMS replacing nonconforming goods or paying an amount not to exceed the purchase price paid for the specific goods for which damages are claimed, at MMSís option.


      Any order and its rights and obligations are not assignable or transferable by buyer, in whole or in part, except with the written consent of MMS


      Any order transaction shall be governed by the laws of the State of Utah, without reference to choice of law rules or to Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.


      MMS accepts money orders; credit, charge and debit cards (collectively called plastic cards) with the Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express logo; and cash. All payments must be in US dollars.

      Checks are not accepted.


      NOTICE for customers who pay by plastic card then request the valid charge to be removed from their bill: If buyer pays for an order via plastic card then that charge is refused through buyerís card company then a processing fee of $ 50 or 50% of the order total, whichever is greater, is added to the order total.

      Chargeback notices are sent to merchants for many reasons. The buyerís card issuing bank will allow buyer the opportunity to review and accept only the charges that are valid. If buyer chooses to force a chargeback then pay for the order via another method MMS still has a negative report on our merchant account. This negative image is not something MMS wants so our fees are high for processing this problematic issue. MMS has found most buyers are willing to review their card statement along with MMS documentation when an issue arises. MMS does not want to accept payment by another method when we have incurred costs and a negative report, two items which have concrete expenses and unmeasurable liabilities. If excessive use of plastic cards (along with the interest associated with carrying a balance on your card) is a problem for the buyer, please use a money order/cashier's check to pay for your order from MMS.


      Technically, MMS does not have a minimum order for orders which are shipped. We have a minimum order of $ 25 for all Will Call orders. Yippee!! Go ahead and order what you need without worrying about meeting a minimum order value, please do be advised that we have a $ 5 minimum per form of payment. This is to prevent problems like an order that wants to put $ 50.00 on their Mastercard, $ 0.12 on their Visa, and $ 3.00 in cash. These types of orders are not easy to process and not cost effective either. Thank you for your assistance to make payment processing simple and efficient.

      All Orders for PICKUP

      If you would like to pick up your order in our Nibley UT facility please place your order online and select WILL CALL for the shipping method. Will Call hours are from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. After placing your order online please call our office to schedule your appointment. You will need the order confirmation number to schedule an appointment for Will Call.

      To order via ONLINE ORDERING

      The online ordering is a secure ordering system. You can pay by money order or plastic card. The online ordering can be submitted online ONLY with plastic card information. The online order (before electronic submission) can be sent to your printer for submission by FAX or SNAIL MAIL. All FAX orders will require payment by plastic card. All orders submitted through the mail can pay by money order or plastic card.

      Upon online submission, you will receive an automatic email confirmation of your order. This will include a list of the items ordered and how to contact us for more information about your order.

      Online orders are the first to be processed.

      To order via PHONE

      Phone orders are accepted 8 AM through 4 PM. To allow our staff to take lunch our phones are closed from 12 PM to 12:30 PM. Thank you for your patience while we take sustenance to make the final push of shipping for the day.

      Phone orders are processed only after all online orders are processed.

      To order via FAX

      Payment by plastic card is required with all fax orders.

      We suggest you use the ONLINE ORDERING to calculate your shipping. This also allows you verify the products you desire to order since the online ordering will automatically fill in the description when a product code is entered. Once you arrive at the printable order page within the online ordering, print the form (generally 2 pages), hand write your card information on the printed order then fax the entire order document to us. We really appreciate the faxes that contain both pages. Our FAX number is 435.755.2108

      Faxed orders are processed only after phone orders are processed.

      To order via SNAIL MAIL

      This is our least preferred method since it takes so long to get the mail here. The mail time to us is just added to the overall length of time it takes to receive an order. We do accept mail orders, if you prefer this method please allow a few extra days for delivery since we must wait for your order to arrive to us before we can put it into the warehouse for shipping.

      We suggest you use the ONLINE ORDERING to calculate your shipping. This also allows you verify the products you desire to order as the online ordering will automatically fill in the description when a product code is entered.

      When you use the ONLINE ORDERING for mailed in orders there is a stopping point (prior to entering a plastic card number) where you can print the order. Please print and send the order page(s) since the information is legible for all items and this makes your order process faster. Thank you.

      Snail mail orders are processed only after faxed orders are processed.


      Shipping charges are added after we know the destination of the order. All carriers base their shipping rates on the weight of a package and the distance it is traveling. Without knowing where the package is going we can not give shipping quotes. The ONLINE ORDERING will allow you to calculate the shipping charges for any order with a destination in the USA or Canada. All other countries must submit a shipping quote request to shipquote@thesage.com Please note that all orders will have appropriate insurance charges added to insure the arrival of your package.


      If you want to place an order and you are outside the USA or Canada, you must send a request to shipquote@thesage.com before placing an order. Instructions will be given for how to ship to your address or to a freight forwarder. If an order is submitted through our online ordering without preauthorization, and requests to go to a freight forwarder or a forced bogus address, the card will be charged $ 50 for a cancellation fee.

      Any shipment needing to be prepared for export, whether through a commercial broker or a friend/family, will be charged an export fee. Our online ordering is not set up to handle these requests so please, always contact shipquote@thesage.com before ordering any item that will be exported from the USA to any country other than Canada. Our export preparation fee is $ 60 per hour, billable in 15 minute increments, and covers the extra time required to prepare the documents needed for your shipment.

      The $ 50 cancellation fee is not refundable for any reason because export is a serious business and full of legal requirements. Do not put us in jeopardy of having to explain to a federal agent that we did not realize you are exporting the items without our knowledge.


      Our new order processing system has made it nearly impossible to alter an order, cancel an order, or change the shipping method after the order is submitted. The process moves so quickly that the order is probably in the warehouse for picking once you realize you forgot an item. We are no longer able to accept order alterations. If the you wish to cancel the order after the order has begun processing then a cancellation fee will apply. The cancellation fee is $ 35 or 25%, whichever is greater. Cancellations of custom orders require a 100% payment/restocking fee for the materials.


      If your online order is urgent and the package needs to arrive by a certain date, let us know in the comments field AND the Rush Order Date box. You select the date from the pop-up calendar, and tell us what is happening in the comments field. We then review your order and make sure the items can arrive by the date you selected. If you give us a date 2 weeks out and the shipping method you have selected will arrive in that time, we make no adjustments to your order. If the date is 2 days away and the shipping method you have selected won't arrive in time, we will change the shipping method to guarantee arrival by your desired date. This service is for the 48 contiguous states. Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, and US Territories should note the date needed and we will do our best.

      This service has no additional fee, unless the shipping must be upgraded, then the only additional cost is the shipping fee. We process these orders quickly so they will go out the door quickly. Please do not attempt to make changes to orders that have delivery Required By Date (RBD), making changes to orders that have RBDs can result in SAME DAY SHIPPING charges. Thank you for your understanding.


      If your order requires same day shipping then the order should be placed by phone. We need to get all the information and push the order through. This service is called SAME DAY SHIPPING. The charge for this service is 15% or $25, whichever is greater. Your order will be processed by hand and manipulated ahead of other orders when using this service. We will not waive this fee when using this service. Thank you for your understanding.


      All orders submitted via Online Ordering and shipped through UPS will have an automatic email notification of the tracking number. Do not use the tracking form for requesting such information. The tracking form is ONLY for packages not delivered within a certain amount of time. Allow UPS 7 to 10 business days, and USPS 7 to 21 business days, to deliver your package. Canadian, AK and HI orders take longer than 48 contiguous state shipments and orders being shipped outside the US and Canada take the longest. If you need to have your order tracked please click here. Please only submit your request if your package has not arrived in the times stated above.

      Most tracking requests find the order is scheduled to arrive in the next 24 hours.


      All shipments which are refused at the time of delivery will be issued an in-store credit for any item costs remaining after return shipping charges and 25% restocking fee are deducted. We will not issue a refund for the initial shipping charges and/or rush fees. Any additional transportation charges incurred due to the refusal will be charged to the customers account and/or credit card. Refused shipments include those which are given back to the carrier and those that are not picked up or signed for in a timely fashion. You, the buyer, are responsible to be available to receive the package from the carrier which may include going to the carrier's place of business for retrieval of the package.


      All damage & missing item claims must be made within 2 business days of receipt of package.

      If your package was damaged in transit you must notify us within 2 business days so we can make a claim with the carrier.

      Notification of damage or missing items after 2 days will require you to file a claim with the carrier on your behalf. We will provide all tracking numbers, receipts and shipping information for you to complete the claim paperwork.

      We can not be responsible for missing item claims if you fail to contact us in a timely manner. Please check your package and contents carefully, marking the packing slip as each item is unpacked.

      If we are able to file the claim for you we will ship a replacement as quickly as possible. Do not discard the damaged packaging in the event the carrier would like to inspect the box and contents. Damages are rare yet they do happen.


      We request a "ship to" address. If this address is submitted incorrectly we will get billed by the carrier to correct the problem. MMS must collect any additional charges billed to us regarding an incorrect address. Please review each step of your order and double-check your triple-checked addresses. The best time to avoid address correction charges is before the final submit button.

      Do not have the package rerouted by UPS unless you pay for the MyChoice services for rerouting. If the buyer reroutes the package and bills MMS for the change there will be an address correction bill sent to the buyer Failure to provide a suite or apartment number will also incur the address correction charge. Please help us by giving a complete address which includes company names, floors, apartment or suite numbers. Thank you!

      Any packages returned to us due to an incomplete address on the order will be charged return shipping charges to get the package(s) back to MMS, as well as additional shipping charges to re-ship the package. Outgoing and return shipping charges are not refundable for a returned package due to incomplete addresses.

      Address correction fees are $ 20 per box in any Ground shipment, and $ 25 per box in any Air Shipment.

      The regular delivery driver may know you personally but orders should always be addressed completely and correctly. Please plan for the vacation driver!


      If a package has left our facility and needs assistance using the UPS Intercept Service to reroute the package, change the address, or return the package to Majestic Mountain Sage, a $20 fee per box in the shipment will apply.


      All sales are final. We do not accept returns for any reason. We want to guarantee our product quality to all our customers, therefore a return is not acceptable.

      It is the sole responsibility of the customer to evaluate, test and determine the fitness and suitability of any product for use in the customer's products. Do NOT order great quantities before you test. Testing is the only way for you to determine which products are suitable in your final product. We feel sad when customers order 300 bottles only to find they are too tall for the box already purchased.

      If you need help with a product please contact our technical support staff at techsup@thesage.com. You may contact our technical staff before, and after, the sale.

      If you have concerns or questions we would love to hear from you. If a product is not performing to your expectations please let us know, we would love to help you. We guarantee the quality of our products and will help you achieve top notch results so you can feel comfortable ordering even though we can not accept returns. We feel our pre-release product testing is one of our top services! We can not guarantee suitability of MMS products in buyerís product or process.


      Prior to a purchase, or after a purchase, some technical/product questions may come up. Please contact our technical support staff at techsup@thesage.com. Please be aware our website has many recipes and helpful hints. Please look there before you ask the technical support staff since the answer you need may be a few short "clicks" away. We know chances are you are needing help at midnight when no one is available to answer your questions so we try to make the website very descriptive and helpful.

      Free technical support is available for questions like how much fragrance to use, if cap A will fit bottle X, when to add seeds, how to mix in color, etc. Schedule one of our technical support staff for a consultation/lesson if you need more assistance, your questions are lengthy, or you need a private class. Consulting time is scheduled in 15 minute increments and billed at $ 80 per hour. To schedule a time for a consultant to phone you please email or fax a request for consultation time. You will need to provide a phone number, a time that you are available, how much time you need from our technicians and a credit card/billing address for payment information. Our order desk staff will make an appointment for your questions. If you would like to make the most of your consultation time please print your questions on a paper and fax the list to our office. Thank you.


      The only catalog we have available is the online catalog. We are adding new pictures and descriptions to the web regularly, this makes it impossible to keep a printed catalog current. We feel the dynamic nature of the Internet is where we should put our efforts.

      You may print our online catalog, either in whole or in part. The catalog section of our website has a link to load the whole catalog to your screen for printing, or perusing, purposes. If you do not need the entire catalog just click into the section you need. Our web programmers have provided a printer friendly format (link appears in the upper right hand corner) of our pages so you may save paper and ink. It may take some time for printing (not all printers are fast and we know it).

      When placing an order you may request a current copy of the web product catalog. We will gladly send it along free of charge.


      We will send bag, shrink band and fragrance samples with any order if the request is made at the time the order is placed. Sample requests are filled on an "as available" basis and not a guarantee of receipt. We strive to keep stock on our shelves for samples but from time to time we run out. We will do our best to get the samples you have requested. If buyer requires a sample of material please order the smallest size for evaluation.

      Requests for samples to be sent under separate cover (in their own box) requires a UPS account number for all existing accounts. If you have not ordered from us before, may we suggest you try a 10 pack? Evaluations are for product, label, filling and presentation compatibility with your desires. Please take the time to do proper evaluation and testing.


      Do you need Cs of A for your products? MSDS? Please request them at the time of ordering so they can accompany your shipment.

      Certificates of Analysis can be requested for items with a single unit value of $ 25 or greater. Requests for items which are smaller will not be honored. Certificates of Analysis are created for each lot. These documents MUST be requested at the time of ordering. Requests for Certificates after the order has left our facility will not be honored. Cs of A will be sent along with the shipment only.

      MSDS sheets will be faxed for emergency personnel only. Other requests for MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) will be mailed. We will not create MSDSs for "all orders placed in the last year," if you need these documents please be courteous of our time and allow us to prepare these in advance of your order leaving our facility.


      We are often asked to reprint every receipt for a single year for tax purposes. If an order arrives to you without a receipt please contact us immediately so we can fax, mail or scan/email a free copy. However, if you need a copy of a receipt for any other reason (taxes, misplaced, research) we now charge $ 2.50 per invoice number to research, print and mail or fax the copies. Please note that we have a $ 5 minimum per form of payment as is noted above.


      Majestic Mountain Sage currently does not perform any animal testing.
      Majestic Mountain Sage has not performed any animal testing in the past.
      Majestic Mountain Sage currently does not request any animal testing be done on our behalf.
      Majestic Mountain Sage has not requested any animal testing be done on our behalf in the past.
      Majestic Mountain Sage currently does not prevent other companies from doing animal testing.
      Majestic Mountain Sage understands testing on animals may be required by a federal agency to determine a product's suitability or safety on humans.

      When required by law, no other testing is sufficient to satisfy the legal requirements for safety to consumers, therefore Majestic Mountain Sage will not hinder the compliance of federal law.
      When possible, we choose cruelty free products.
      We can not foresee a time in the future that MMS will ever conduct animal testing.

      Thank you for your support. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

      MMS Staff

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