Majestic Mountain Sage offers several online calculators to help you with your soapmaking adventures.

The Lye Calculator allows you to check or create a soap recipe to make sure that it is not lye heavy.

The Fragrance Calculator gives you recommendations on how much fragrance to use.

The Measurement Converter helps you convert from Metric measures to English measures and back again.

An Indulgent Ingredient

Mango Butter
I seriously canít say enough about this fabulous butter. Mango Butter is a staple in my testing kitchen and I use it as often as I do Shea Butter. It is a great luxury addition to soaps, an indulgent ingredient in lotions and creams as well as a super rich building block in lip balms.

Give your products some extra oomph!

Lavender Hydrosol
I think Lavender Hydrosol is a great addition to face masks, lotions, and toners. Replace part of your water amount with this hydrosol and away you go with a fabulous product!