Aromatherapy Necklace Diffuser, Hands

Product Details

You know how kids leave their hand prints (and nose prints) on the windows, walls, floors and even the ceilings? As a parent, it feels like a challenge to just keep up with the prints all over! Sometimes we forget that we should cherish these messy prints because they tell little stories about the child who was there. This necklace reminds you to treasure those silly marks and messes, because one day, that child will have grown up.

Both the diffuser and chain are made from stainless steel and do not contain nickel. The edge of this diffuser has a crystal pattern. The diameter of this diffuser is 1.19 inches and the total necklace length is 22 inches.

Don't forget to order a Diffuser Pad in your favorite color for this diffuser!

Photo Note: Shown from left to right with the Red, Cerulean, Pink and Forest Green Diffuser Pads.