Deodorant Tubes, Mini Sized

Product Details

We had a special request to offer these mini-sized deodorant tubes. It wasn't until I put one of our Lip Solutions mixtures in this tube and was able to use it that I fell in love! It is small, portable, suitable for a larger pocket (not skinny jeans pockets) and was super nice for using on a scar. My doctor advised applying a thick lotion or salve like material to the scar and rubbing the skin. He explained that scar tissue does not stretch and give like undamaged skin so applying gentle pressure to make the scar work allows for the skin to thin and become more flexible. Big, thick scars are terribly uncomfortable when the skin just doesn't move and bend like the rest of the skin on the body.

You might try a deodorant, a lip balm, a lotion bar or other type of product in these tubes. If you are a deodorant maker send in a written description and story so we can make you a guest blogger for the day.

You know, it is all about the details so let me give you some numbers:
Height: 2.38 inches
Width (longest): 1.47 inches
Width (narrowest): 0.69 inches
Circumference of Label Area: 3.75 inches
Label Height: max of 1.63 inches
Capacity: 0.4 ounces*
Color: White
Sold only in Sets - a tube and cap is a set.

*Please note that your mixture may have a specific gravity or density than our Lip Solutions so this weight may be very different for you. Test to determine what this tube holds for your mixture.