Glass Roller Ball Bottles

Product Details

Our roller ball bottle is a heavy style glass bottle with a frosted roller ball fitment and white or black caps. Roller ball bottles are super easy to fill, just don't over fill them! Room is needed for the ball fitment to be inside the bottle. I have made lip gloss, perfumes and therapy oils which I have put in a roller ball bottle. Please don't exceed 10% scenting oil load, it just isn't necessary. Most scenting oils (either essential oils or fragrance oils) are much better in a diluted state anyway.

The bottle is clear glass and solid. This is not an ultra thin glass bottle. A simple set up for perfume, or anything else you want to roll on.

Bottle holds approximately 10 mL.

Quantity discounts for this item apply at 300, 500, 1000 and 5000 bottles. Discounts will automatically apply online.