Multi-cube Clamshell

Product Details

These clamshells have 6 cavities for filling with your desired product. These clamshells have been requested for the low wax, no-wick candle type products.

Most often these products are made with candle wax, either a low melt point type or a wax with added oil, then colored and scented as desired. Each cube is removed from the package when placed into a wick-less candle diffuser. These wickless candles are ceramic jars with shallow bowls on top, an electric light radiates a bit of light and heat which causes the wax to melt.

Be sure to pour into these containers as cool as possible. It is so easy to heat wax to very high temperatures, so please use a thermometer.

The wax is generally scented at 6 to 8%, but certainly you should consider the scent before determining the usage rate. Each cube is about 1 x 1 by 0.6 inches. Because the depth is not excessive, the wax should set up quickly.

Enjoy the new clamshells!