Neem Oil

Product Details

INCI = Melia Azadirachta Seed Oil

Saponification Value: 199 mg KOH / g of Fat

Fruit from the Neem tree (Margosa Tree) contain kernels which are rich in oil. From these seeds a unique, cold pressed oil is expelled. This oil contains constituents which are beneficial to skin care. Scientific research has confirmed that neem seed oil is non-toxic to mammals and may be a very effective organic antiseptic, antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral agent.

Neem seed oil has been used for centuries in India as a medicine to aid in healing of topical skin disorders such as rash, psoriasis, ecsema, burns and acne. Neem Oil may be used in OTC (over the counter) products up to 10%. Bar soaps may use up to 5% neem oil.

The odor of neem is strong and you will prefer a limited use in your skin care products. The oil color is also dark greenish brown. Before use liquify the oil if it has solidified. To liquify warm the oil to 86 degrees F.

1 Gallon weighs 7.6 lbs.