Bar Soap Shrink Bands Jumbo Bar

Product Details

So, you make your soap in a large loaf mold. You spend extra time fluffing the surface and sprinkling sparkles on top. This cut bar of soap is an inch thick (or more), now what? How do you shrink wrap it? JUMBO bands to the rescue! We sized these bands to fit the biggest single bars we regularly see. This is not for the whole loaf, folks! This band is just for each individual bar of soap cut from a loaf where the height is extra tall, and the width is extra wide, and the thickness of each bar is bigger than typical. These bars are often pretty and colorful but it takes two hands to hold on to them!

The shrink bands will leave the side edges open, just like all bar soap bands. So, shrink away to make your soaps protected from bruising when traveling from show to show, or just in the mail to Grandma's house.

Shrinking hint: If you choose to use a hair dryer and not a heat gun, you will know your hair dryer is hot enough if the band shrinks smoothly. If the band won't shrink any more and you have circle shapes that look like nickle and dime sized bubbles, then your hair dryer does not get hot enough.

These bands will fit soaps up to 5 inches wide and 8 inches in circumference.

Each pack is 100 bands.

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