Currant & Mandarin Fragrance Oil

Product Details

Currant & Mandarin is a cozy, yet energetic fragrance that reminds me of a hug from a loved one who has returned after being far away for a long time. This fragrance is a perfect reflection of the energetic hugs, kisses, and happy chatter of loved ones.

A superb fragrance for any time of year, I think you will delight in the smile this brings to any face! Every tester who got a chance to smell this fragrance would always ask if they could take the rest of the samples off my hands instead of sharing with everyone else. I think we've found a new staff favorite!

So what does Currant & Mandarin smell like? We've blended juicy red currants with tangy mandarin oranges and then added lemon zest, dewy greens, star jasmine, and African violets to the mix and topped it with a twist of sugared orange zest.