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Fragrance Oils

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New changes to our system show the Free Shipping if this product is ordered as follows. This offer is changing from a Sampler 7 to the Amazing Dozen. So many of you are asking for more than 7 because you can't limit yourself to just 7. Well, now you can get 12 instead, and you are still welcome to order 3 or 4 of these each day.

We are often asked to make a fragrance sampler kit for our customers. We then ask ourselves, what fragrance samples would we include? How could we make all the items we want as samples available? Would our customers need to wait while we cycle through the whole catalog of 1 oz bottles?

Well, we came up with a solution. The Amazing Dozen! Here is how this product will work. Place this Amazing Dozen kit in your shopping cart then add 12 one fluid ounce bottles of Fragrance Oils, Essential Oils, Extracts or Flavor Oils of your choice to the cart. There can only be 13 items in your cart (1 shipping offer and 12 one-ounce bottles = 13 items), no less and no more. Each of the 12 one-ounce bottles will have the number 2 as the last number in their product codes.

Submit the order through the online ordering choosing Priority Mail. You should see FREE shipping if you are in the USA . We are sorry, but costs to ship to Canada have increased to the point that we can no longer make this offer to destinations in Canada. Crossing the border is a good option for Canadian customers. The online ordering will now offer $ 0.00 for standard shipping. Please add this offer to your cart, then proof that each item ends in a 2 and there are 12 bottles in your cart.

Do not order this item with any other item in the catalog. If you do, the online ordering does not recognize this as an Amazing Dozen offer and adds shipping. You can order as many of these Amazing Dozen kits as you desire as long as each item you place in the cart is 1 fl oz in size, there are 12 bottles of Fragrance, Essential, Flavor or Extract oils AND ONLY ONE FREE SHIPPING OFFER is ordered per online submission. This means if you want two Amazing Dozen kits, you will place two orders. The price of each kit is determined by what YOU put on the order. We are sorry but the Free Gifts and Teas are not available with this Amazing Dozen offer.

If you have always wanted a sampler kit from MMS now is your time to choose your own samples!

Photo Note: The box in this photo has been retired. We will pack your order in a cube box with each item securely packaged to arrive to you safely.

21 Fragrance Oil

This flirty scent is a creamy coconut blend with fresh sea air, bergamot, herbal lavender and buttery vanilla. It is fresh and youthful. I smell this scent and think of the crazy TV commercials that show luxurious long hair that is clean, sparkly and sexy. This scent would make a nice day perfume.

21 Fragrance Oil is not compatible with cyclomethicone.

Acai and Mangosteen Fragrance oil

Say acai like ah-saw-ee. Ah like going to the dentist, or suddenly understanding a concept. Saw like visual input or cutting, and the double E as in Dee, Andee, flee, or tree. I know this word looks weird, but we are sure you can say it now!

This fresh scent has a tangy top note of lemon and citrus fruits. The middle notes are complex and very fruity, with a few hints of white lily. The base note is sweet musk. This is not a sugary-sweet scent, it is fresh, tangy and somewhat like a sweet grapefruit. I think you will love this scent!

This fragrance did not discolor cold process soap.

Acai and Mangosteen is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Alice Fragrance Oil

Alice is super cute and flirty. She is a sparkling orange, lemon and linen. She is delicate with violet jasmine and mimosa. She has a sexy amber, sheer wood and musky side too. If you need a fresh, flirty scent then Alice should be a top consideration!

Alice is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Alpine Fragrance Oil

This fragrance is a blend like none other. The twist of frost bitten berries, a high mountain meadow, a snip of spice and a lingering evergreen are all wrapped up into one. The perfect scent for clearing the air at home or work. I'm even thinking this will be my new car smell. We have all sniffed and tried to describe the scent and some just go straight to WOW!

Please write to tell me what you think of this new scent.


Alpine is NOT compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Angel type Fragrance Oil

It a pathetic sight to see the staff stack up at the door to our research team and grovel! They begged for this fragrance prior to us ever testing it. They said "I could just bathe in Angel, please get it!" Well, now the fragrance has been approved and ready for sale. Of course the best thing about our version of Angel by Thierry Mugler is you can make soaps, lotions and whatever else you want. Even bubble bath, so you can literally bathe in it! Enjoy!

Please note: This fragrance is not manufactured or distributed by Thierry Mugler Parfums S.A.S., owner of the registered trademark Angel.

Angel type is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Apple Jack Fragrance Oil

Another New Arrival for the holidays. A festive combination of McIntosh red apples, juicy oranges and Madagascar vanilla perfectly complimented with our own special blend of spices. This one has "tis the season" written all over it.

Apple Jack is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Awapuhi Seaberry Fragrance Oil

Awapuhi is Hawaiian for "White Ginger." Imagine a fresh ocean breeze with a whisper of floral accompanied with a perfectly mastered blend of melons and berries. This is truly a island sensation.

When we are asked what fragrance to use that is clean, fresh, universal for soaps, lotions and the whole product line, this is one of the first fragrances we turn to. This fragrance is a good cornerstone for building a whole fragrance line.

Awapuhi Seaberry Fragrance Oil is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Baby Powder Fragrance

A classic baby powder scent including subtle cedar, rose and ylang ylang.

Always recognized and requested! Baby shower season is almost never out of season so make sure you always have a bottle of Baby Powder Fragrance on your shelf.

Baby Powder is NOT compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Bay Rum Fragrance Oil

Well it is finally here! Bay Rum is the much requested fragrance for our R&D Staff. After many trials and lots of fragrances we just didn't like we created this one. One of our staff members took a bar of soap home to her husband. His complete comments we can't print here but his animalistic growl said a thousand words!

Bay Rum is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Bella Fragrance Oil

In honor of Twilight, the Stephanie Meyers books, we are making some fragrances that are our representation of her book characters.

Bella is described as very floral smell, like lavender . . . or freesia. And Edward has noted "It's mouthwatering."

To round out Bella we have notes of rose, iris, violet, and soft musk. Sexy, but also fresh and innocent.

If you haven't tried the Twilight series yet, we think it is a great escape, a very good read.


Bella is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Bergamot and Chamomile Fragrance Oil

Bergamot and Chamomile is a sure fire hit. A smooth bergamot scent with hints of tangerine, neroli, green moss, pear in a light chamomile tea. A perky fragrance which is great for morning showers and anytime pick-me-ups. A super staff favorite!

Bergamot & Chamomile is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Berries & Twigs Fragrance

Berries and Twigs is a twist of favorite scents. Raspberries and grapefruit play into a warm mixture of earthy oak and moss. We have heard from so many of MMS customers that you wanted this one back so here we go!

Leeann wrote to us: "My lotion sample SMELLS AWESOME! Berries & Twigs!"

With a fabulous endorsement from those who tried and loved this scent, it has arrived just in time for you to plan it into your new lineup. Enjoy!

Berries & Twigs is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Black Raspberry Fragrance Oil

Immerse your senses in this wonderful aroma and experience the fusion of juicy ripe raspberry enveloped in rich luxurious vanilla. Compare this to Bath & Body Works Black Raspberry Vanilla. I certainly can't think of a better combination than fresh berries and exotic vanilla.

Black Raspberry is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Black Tie Fragrance Oil


Black Tie Fragrance Oil

May I sing a ZZ Top song for you? Maybe you could sing along with me since we only need the chorus line. This fragrance will definitely zap you back to MTV and the amazing videos of the early music video years.

Sharp Dressed Man Chorus:
They come runnin' just as fast as they can
'cause every girl crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man.

I know you'll be looking for the Black Tie because this scent is a blend of bay, rum, lime, mahogany, amber, and vanilla. A kiss of bergamot makes this scent irresistible! Clean from the shower and sharply groomed, any man who smells like this will have every girl crazy! Just try it, you know you want to. We won't tell your secret.

Every girl goes crazy for a sharp dressed man. We know, and we concur!

Black Tie Fragrance Oil is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Blowing Bubbles Fragrance Oil

A fruity berry combination of strawberry, blackberry and wild huckleberries touched with a hint of pineapple and soft rose on a sweet caramel bottom.

A great scent with mouthwatering berry notes which explode into the sweet realm of fun!

Blowing Bubbles is NOT compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Blueberry Bliss Fragrance Oil

When the sample of Blueberry Bliss first crossed my desk, I immediately began salivating. This sweet, fruity scent smelled just like ... blueberries! Blueberry Bliss isn't a fake blueberry candy smell because I think it embodies the scent of real blueberry jam, hot blueberry pie, and even my favorite blueberry danish. Can you say "Yum"?

A mixture of sweet sugar cane, creamy vanilla, juicy blueberries, and a hint of tart citrus makes this fragrance delectable. Try Blueberry Bliss today and find yourself in love with this blissfully fruity scent. Considering how many of our staff have been begging for any samples using this fragrance, I'd say you don't want to miss out!

Blueberry Bliss is cyclomethicone compatible. This means you can make room sprays, dry oil perfumes and much more!

Books Abound Fragrance Oil

"I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library." Jorge Luis Borges

One of our most popular scents for the candlemakers, we think it makes fantastic candles and soaps!

I'm of the opinion that Paradise is a library and Books Abound perfectly captures the aroma of an old library in a bottle. Not that new bookstore smell, but the special collection library where you can find old first editions and you can just imagine sitting down for a intimate chat with great authors of the past.

Breathe deep and let the accord of old books wrap around you. If you can, you might be able to pick up hints of Italian bergamot, cashmere, patchouly, vetiver, cedar wood, musk, and even old leather.

Books Abound is cyclomethicone compatible. This means you can make room sprays, dry oil perfumes and much more!

Champagne Sugar Fragrance

We combined the sugary fruits of lemon, bergamot, mandarin, orange, apple, banana, dew fruit, and pineapple. We couldn't stop there, so we added tiny hints of jasmine, rose, plum, muguet, peony, heliotrope, amber, sandalwood and musk. This scent, in cold process soap, was sent out in packages after our blog wrote about how we test fragrances. Those who got these bars of soap voted this scent as tops!

Thanks for requesting, and we hope you enjoy.

Champagne Sugar is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Cherry Blossom Fragrance Oil

If you like Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom, try our Cherry Blossom Fragrance. We think you will be hard-pressed to tell the difference!

This delightful floral blooms within the fruity green top notes of this fragrance. A touch of jasmine blended with muguet and rose for a mysterious signature blend that carries through to a background of musk & sandalwood.

Cherry Blossom is compatible with our cyclomethicone.

Chocolate Mousse Fragrance Oil

There are two types of people in the world when it comes to chocolate. Some people like chocolate and some people that must have it! This fragrance is likely to take the most casual chocolate admirer and convert them to a serious chocolate lover. Chocolate Mousse smells like a freshly-made milk chocolate dessert.

Roben wrote, "Whenever I use the body butter, lotions or sprays I've made with it, everyone follows me around like I'm the ice cream truck!" Chocolate Mousse is a fragrance for the chocoholic in the family!

Jamie wrote to us that a young man, under age 10, tried to trick his parents into thinking he was sleep-walking when he just wanted to curl up with a Chocolate Mousse soap!

Chocolate Mousse is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Christmas Tree Fragrance Oil

Did your father ever take you to cut your own Christmas tree? Mine did. We'd take it home, and the smell that filled the house was unforgettable. After much testing and retesting, we were able to capture this aroma in a bottle. A must-have if you enjoy the smell of fresh-cut evergreens. No kidding, I think they stuffed a fresh cut tree in the bottle! Tell us what you think.

Christmas Tree is NOT compatible with our cyclomethicone.

Cinnamon Red Hots Fragrance Oil


Cinnamon Red Hots Fragrance Oil

When I first smelled Cinnamon Red Hots, I was instantly transported back to my fond childhood memories of eating Red Hots. These cinnamon flavored candies were my favorite treat to add to homemade applesauce as the red candies would turn my applesauce a pretty pink color.

This fragrance is spicy cinnamon with a hint of brown sugar. We've captured the perfection of this old-time candy and made it into a fragrance oil that you will love in soaps, lotions, and even room sprays. I had to shake down the staff and tell them that they were limited to 1 sample each! I expect that Cinnamon Red Hots isn't a seasonal fragrance, but a year-round hit! What surprised all of us is the allowed usage rates. Spice oils were hit hard during the 48th Amendment changes with IRFA, and we didn't expect to get these usage rates from a spicy oil!

If you make cold process soap, plan your soap discoloring to a light tan color.

Cinnamon Red Hots is compatible with our cyclomethicone.

Citrus & Basil Fragrance Oil

Imagine the aroma of basil combined with fresh citrus. Can you say fab-a-licious? A little bit of herb, a little bit of tang, a little bit of sweet all wrapped up in a citrus punch!
Our new addition is great for those special men in your life.

Citrus & Basil is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Coconut Cassis Fragrance Oil

Coconut Cassis. Coconuts and currants in a wonderful mixture of fruit combined with nut. This fragrance works well in soaps and candles. For those who make both, you have a great scent here!

The cassis part of this scent is the top notes. The coconut covers the bottom notes. There is a bit of spice and just a lingering hint of sweetness that fruit scents can bring.

Do you love coconut like most of our customers? Then you have a new winner!

Coconut Cassis is compatible with our cyclomethicone.

Coconut Cream Fragrance Oil

We have some big coconut fans on staff, and they go nuts over anything coconut. So, I was a little worried when this new Coconut Cream sample crossed my desk because I'm not a fan of coconut. Let me tell you; this fragrance might turn me into a coconut lover after all! (Shh! Don't tell Taylor!) The sweet scent of fresh coconut has accent notes of nutmeg, vanilla, and tonka bean. It makes me think of those lightly sweetened coconut strips that I pick up from a specialty grocer and promptly inhale before I can drive back home.

Coconut Cream is comforting and happy. If you are looking for a coconut to try, this one is worth every drop! I can't wait to make room sprays and body lotions with this fragrance. What will you make with Coconut Cream?

Coconut Cream is NOT compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Coconut Fragrance Oil

Coconut is a scent that will take you immediately to the tropics. Combine this fragrance with a touch of Vanilla Cream, and you have the popular scent of many tanning lotions. Very seductive!

Cold process soap notes: will turn soap a brownish tan.

Coconut is NOT compatible with our cyclomethicone.

Coconut Lemongrass Fragrance Oil

Some fragrances are perfect for each other. Coconut and lemongrass complement each other well. Discover the sensory treasure of tantalizing lemongrass enhanced with the tropical pleasures of coconut. A fresh and light aroma with the comfort of coconut. True refreshment!

Coconut Lemongrass Fragrance is compatible with our cyclomethicone.

Coconut, Lime & Verbena Fragrance Oil

Coconut, Lime & Verbena: a creamy blend of coconut, tangy lime with hints of verbena, vanilla, and musk. You have your favorite soaps, shampoos, and other body products; so now you can have a popular scent in your formulations! Coconut is a best-seller in our fragrances line, and we find that coconut is great to blend with almost anything!

Lime and verbena add the refreshing side of this fragrance oil, where coconut adds the warm and comforting side.


Coconut Lime & Verbena is compatible with our cyclomethicone.

Coconut Milk Fragrance Oil

Coconut has long been a favorite in the MMS Catalog. This version of coconut has a milky note to it. Don't think milkshake, think of this scent as a freshly cut coconut with slightly sweetened vanilla note. I could swear there is a slight pineapple note to this fragrance, but the R&D team assures me that it is all in my head. Does this mean the new Coconut Milk fragrance makes me think of relaxing on the beach with an umbrella drink? Hmmm. Probably!

Either way, this scent is summery, warm, and comforting.

Cold process soap will turn a dark tan to light brown with this scent.

Coconut Milk is compatible with our cyclomethicone.

Cool Water type Fragrance Oil

Cool Water was an oft-requested item for us. This fragrance is a duplication of the Davidoff scent released in 1996 to rave reviews! This fragrance oil is not an exact match of the Davidoff scent, but it is close. We feel we have improved on this scent because we have made it soap-compatible!

Our Cool Water has top notes of citrus, black currant, and pineapple. Honeydew, muguet and water lily round out the middle with amber and mulberry base notes to finish this powerful scent. We are sure you will enjoy this trendy blend in any of your cosmetic applications.

Please note: This fragrance is not manufactured or distributed by Davidoff Extension S.A., owner of the registered trademark Davidoff Cool Water.

Cool Water type is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Cotton Candy Fragrance Oil

The teen scene around here has been beating the R&D door for cotton candy for quite some time now. Well, once left to their own devices, the teens gave a vivid description, and our R&D staff came though!

Cotton Candy is more than just pink fluff; it has dominating vanilla-notes mixed with hints of cherry. Very realistic! And you don't need to track down the nearest carnival either! When the parents around here tried the new Cotton Candy scented soaps, they were very impressed. When this fragrance was on the filling line, our teens AND adults were giddy with anticipation for taking the first production releases home! Now, you can't beat that.

Would you like a bonus? This fragrance oil is a lip-safe fragrance! What does this mean to you? Well, it won't give flavor as a Flavor Oil will, but it does give a nice odor to lip balms. If you want to scent but not add flavor then a lip safe fragrance oil is for you!

Cotton Candy Fragrance Oil is NOT compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Cotton Fragrance Oil

Cotton is a symphony of cleanliness performed atop a newly hung clothes line equipped with a fresh blowing spring breeze. Imagine fresh, clean sheets and a cool night breeze. Imagine Cotton.

Soft ozone and lily, fresh air, and the slightest hint of moss greens.

Cotton is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Crocus Fragrance Oil

Close your eyes and count to three. Breathe deep and let this subtle floral fragrance wrap around you. Crocus is a calm and charming scent that appeals to the soul.

When Crocus first crossed my desk, I was a little worried the R&D team wasn't thinking straight. After sniffing, I had to make an apology because I think this fragrance is wonderful! Crocus reminds me of the gentle aromas and sounds at the spa, and I'm so excited to be able to recreate a mini spa session in the privacy of my own home.

This fragrance is a blend of crocuses with rose petals, tuberose, and white lilies mixed with bergamot, ylang ylang, and soft musk, Crocus Fragrance is a must-have for your collection!

Crocus is compatible with our cyclomethicone.

Crystal Blue Fragrance Oil

Tranquil marine notes laced with muguet, sheer musk, and orris. A clean scent with a sporty citrus twist. This scent is a fresh, ozone type with the muguet lily adding in the softness.

Perfect for the spa products in your line. A real pleaser since all the staff thought it was a must-have!

Crystal Blue is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Cucumber & Aloe Fragrance

Cucumber has been a favorite fragrance around here. It is green and fruity with a lily undertone. How could we make it better? With Aloe of course! Cucumber & Aloe has the wonderful green melon notes, with fruity apple and a touch of pineapple. The middle notes include white lily, wild violet, and fresh lavender. The base notes include soft, woody musk.

Cucumber & Aloe is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Cucumber Fragrance Oil

Our newest cucumber has arrived! A fresh green type, not floral or sweet.

Leafy green notes and hydrating refreshment are the tones that make the is a powerhouse fragrance! Our staff said it just smells like dew covered cucumbers as they are peeled for a garden fresh salad. No dressing needed!

This fragrance has been requested and arrival anxiously awaited.

Cucumber Fragrance Oil is compatible with our cyclomethicone!


Cucumbers & Melons Fragrance Oil

You may have tried many different Cucumber Melon fragrances and have just not been happy. Maybe they did not have enough melon or not enough cucumber or maybe they were just not refreshing! We know the woes attached to this as we have been testing and reformulating for a long time. Today you can try the best! A perfect blend on melons and cucumber with incredible results in cold process soap!

Cucumbers & Melons is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Currant & Mandarin Fragrance Oil

Currant & Mandarin is a cozy, yet energetic fragrance that reminds me of a hug from a loved one who has returned after being far away for a long time. This fragrance is a perfect reflection of the energetic hugs, kisses, and happy chatter of loved ones.

A superb fragrance for any time of year, I think you will delight in the smile this brings to any face! Every tester who got a chance to smell this fragrance would always ask if they could take the rest of the samples off my hands instead of sharing with everyone else. I think we've found a new staff favorite!

So what does Currant & Mandarin smell like? We've blended juicy red currants with tangy mandarin oranges and then added lemon zest, dewy greens, star jasmine, and African violets to the mix and topped it with a twist of sugared orange zest.

Dragons Blood Fragrance Oil

When I was first asked to describe the secretive and beguiling Dragons Blood, I had to admit that my brain had a tough time coming up with the right words. What was it about this fragrance that was so difficult to put into words? While words were hard to come by, I found myself instantly transported to the little Asian decor shop that I love to visit and the display of various incense and their accouterments.

Breathe deep and let this exotic medley of vanilla, amber, mahogany, patchouly, rose, jasmine and blood orange wrap around you like curls of incense smoke.

In our tests, cold process soap discolored to soft chocolate milk brown color. We recommend testing with your recipe to know how this fragrance will work with your recipe and techniques.

Dragons Blood is NOT cyclomethicone compatible. We recommend using Coconut Oil Fractions for making perfume oils instead.

Dreamsicle Fragrance Oil

Dreamsicle is an orange cream dream. Sensual vanilla, refreshing orange create an uplifting blend of awesome proportions! I must say that I have yet to find someone who doesn't like orange. I've met a few that don't care for vanilla (GASP! How could that be?) but Dreamsicle is extraordinary. The house smells cleaner with a diffuser reed of Dreamsicle. My hair feels shining and ready for a day at the park with Dreamsicle shampoo. My toes wiggle with excitement for Dreamsicle foot cream. I could go on and on but that would only delay you from ordering this super scent. Don't delay, order Dreamsicle today!

Dreamsicle Fragrance is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Dream (type) Fragrance

Dream is a mix of white freesia, orange flower and pure cloud is how The Gap defines their popular fragrance. Now you can put this clean scent in your soaps, lotions and other products to enjoy!

Our staff begged for this one excessively. We were worried we would need to mop the drool off the floor!

When new products arrive to our facility we have several steps the product must finish before the product is released for sale. This fragrance was hand walked through our offices by anxious staff wanting to buy a bottle before they went home for the day. Now that is excitement!

Dream type is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Earth Fragrance Oil

It's back!

Hunters requested this scent to use in their soap for their bodies and clothes. It smells just like fresh turned farm dirt. Could your children ever complain about taking a bath with dirt soap? A fun twist of expectations!

Cindy writes to us: "When I started ordering from MMS almost 2 years ago, I just wanted to get a little bit of each to see if I liked them or not. Little did I know this hobby of mine would take over my life! One of my favorite scents was at first, Earth. Growing up in Idaho working in the spud fields, I loved the smell of the spud cellars and the freshly turned earth. So when I purchased Earth and found it smelled just like the earthy smell I loved, I was ecstatic!"

Earth is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Eastern Amber Fragrance Oil

Sweet jasmine, soft rose and sensual amber with a citrus & bergamot top are surrounded by rich sandalwood, patchouly and white musk.

Super sexy, super sensual. Great for soaps and candles and .... MASSAGE OILS! ooohhhh!

Eastern Amber is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Edward Fragrance Oil

In honor of Twilight, the Stephanie Meyers books, we are making some fragrances that are our representation of her book characters.

Edward is described as honey, lilacs and sunshine. Our Edward inspired fragrance is fresh, clean, and sexy. We round out Stephanie Meyers description by adding a bit of vanilla, heliotrope, dry wood, and grapefruit. This is a young and sporty type scent.

If you haven't read the Twilight series, or watched the movie, this sensual fragrance may entice you to become acquainted with a vampire.


Edward is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Egyptian Musk Fragrance Oil

We have had many requests for a sensual blend of musk and base note florals. Deep, dark, sensual and musky! After all the testing our staff voted this fragrance worthy of the catalog. Now you can enjoy the deep notes of Egyptian Musk too!

Egyptian Musk is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Elements Of Bamboo Fragrance

Discover the ancient art of Feng Shui with this harmonious blend of bamboo and cedar entwined with lemon, tangerine and ginger. Exotic, cooling, and refreshing.

The men on staff loved this one, and the women took home samples for their honeys.

Let me tell you how hard it was to get a sample for this write up. Now that I have this sample you can bet I am not giving it up!

Elements of Bamboo is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Enchanted Apple Fragrance Oil

In our search for a new apple scent we were excited by the test results of this fragrance. The clean apple top notes make for a delicious treat. Apple opens the way for green, juicy pear notes and jasmine overtones and a lightly musk note.

Fabulous in cold process soap! Bountiful and fruity with the obvious notes being green apple.

Enchanted Apple Fragrance is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

A minor change in our formulation to make your mixing more enjoyable. If you have used Enchanted Apple in the past, please retested. If you have not use Enchanted Apple before you can scent away without worry of the product being hard to come by.


Energy Fragrance Oil

Are you needing Energy? We have it! This new fragrance is the best thing since having your own personal island for recharging your batteries!

A revitalizing and refreshing citrus scent with fruity notes of mango, papaya and lime.

Energy is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Eucalyptus Spearmint Fragrance Oil

The fragrance is earthy and zingy fresh, cooling and clean. Eucalyptus and mint oils have long been paired together in essential oil books. It is no wonder this blend is so popular! Great for any body care product and candles as well. Enjoy!

Eucalyptus Spearmint is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Exotic Potions Fragrance Oil

Take a trip with me down to the corner of 34th and Vine, where you can get all sorts of potions at any time. Breathe in deep, look around for a recipe or two, and if you've any luck, you might find an elixir of energy, a potion of happiness or even a love brew!

Here's a kettle, so let's mix up our own exotic potion. Rummage through those cupboards to find Sicilian bergamot, sparkling lemon, and strawberry vines. I'll toss in some Tuscan basil, pink peppercorns, and clove leaves. Let's give it a stir and a sniff. Hmm. I think it's missing something. Maybe if we add some rose geranium and green twigs, this potion will be perfect? Take a whiff and give a sigh, we've made the perfect fragrance recipe for our next batches of soap, lotion, and other skin goodies

I have to say, Exotic Potions is an amazing fragrance and we did an excellent job mixing it up!

Exotic Potions is cyclomethicone compatible. This means you can make room sprays, dry oil perfumes and much more!

Forks Fragrance Oil

Forks is very green and woody, an evergreen with fresh mountain rains to clear the air. Moss, vetiver and lemon round out this scent to be unisex and masculine and fresh all at the same time.

Forks Fragrance Oil is compatible with our cyclomethicone!


Frankincense Fragrance Oil

Frankincense is warm and sensual. It has been a popular scent with men and women. Frankincense almost requires to be married with Myrrh. The two fragrance blended 50/50 are synergistic. Our favorite lotion is called Royal Light. Scented with Frankincense and Myrrh, a gold bow tied to the bottle is classic and elegant.

Frankincense is NOT compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Freckles Fragrance Oil


Freckles Fragrance Oil

Freckles is just a sweet, vanilla fragrance that says FUN! Think cotton candy, amber, musk and rich vanilla. There is a hint of pink berries to gild this mixture. I wasn't sure if this would appeal to me because of the cotton candy side, but I really like the amber and musk in there! While the scent is certainly for a younger generation, it is also for those wanting to be young at heart. Most staff found this scent to be a good fragrance for soaps, room sprays, lotions and perfumes. Those who don't care for this scent are herbal types that really prefer eucalyptus and rosemary type scents.

I think we should celebrate the younger side of ourselves and enjoy Freckles like we never could as kids!

Freckles Fragrance Oil is NOT compatible with our cyclomethicone!


French Lime Blossom Fragrance Oil

This lovely new fragrance is dreamy and sophisticated! The L'Occitane en Provence company once produced a fragrance named Tilleul, this is the scent that has inspired us to create our French Lime Blossom.

Linden is a wonderful tree with beautiful blossoms and the aromatic impact clearly says FRESH and SPRING.

In the UK, these trees (Tilia) are known as lime, in the US we call them basswood or linden. The flowers from this tree are white and fragrant. Do not confuse this tree with the Citrus lime tree. Citrus produces an entirely different fruit. Linden is smooth, fragrance, womanly, floral, clean and fresh. It is not a heavy floral like rose or gardenia.

Our fragrance oil will have nuances of violet and white lily. Dreamy!!!!

French Lime Blossom Fragrance is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Fresh Strawberry Fragrance Oil

Yum! Strawberries are a wonderful treat and this fabulous fragrance is no exception! We've had a few of you begging at our door (and in our e-mail) for a real strawberry scent and our R&D Team has come through!

This fragrance is fresh strawberries from the garden with a sprinkling of sugar on top. Just like strawberries, this fragrance is sweet and tart all at the same time! If you love our Strawberry Swirl Flavor Oil, you will love Fresh Strawberry as a companion!

No discoloration in soaps on this one. Color away if you desire!

Fresh Strawberry is not compatible with our cyclomethicone.

Frosted Cupcakes Fragrance Oil

Yummy, yummy, yummy for your tummy, tummy, tummy. This fun scent is a blend of sugar, cinnamon, caramel and pecans. Imagine a German chocolate cake (without the cake) in a graham cracker crust. That caramel scent seems like home-baked fun.

This scent is great for candles, room sprays, and salt diffusers/potpourri. Want to know how to make salt diffusers? It is so easy. Now, don't go telling all your friends how this is done, it is important to have people think this is too hard for them to do themselves. These salt diffusers will keep your friends in awe.

First, you need extra large or jumbo salt crystals. Use a small amount of the oil soluble color and add to the fragrance oil. Stir the color and scent together. Pour over the salt just until coated. Place salt crystals in a bowl or jar. You are done! Want extra scent for the room? Place the jar near a sunny window or near a fan. The natural warmth from the sun will cause more scent to go into the room, the fan will circulate the air. Soon the whole house will smell like you have been baking holiday goodies!

Recipe made simple: 2 lbs salt + 3 to 5 mL fragrance oil + a toothpick tip worth of oil-soluble color = awesome salt diffuser.


Would you like a bonus? This fragrance oil is a lip-safe fragrance! What does this mean to you? Well, it won't give flavor like oil Flavor Oils will, but it does give a nice odor to lip balms. If you want scent but no flavor then a lip safe fragrance oil is for you!

Frosted Cupcakes Fragrance oil is not compatible with cyclomethicone.

Fruit Slices Fragrance

Fabulously fruity this combination of awesome apples, perfect plums, pears and peaches, and supernatural nectarines. A fruit basket of fresh and sparkling scents!

We temporarily discontinued this fragrance so we could focus on winter items. So many of you cried! Well, I'm happy announce this fragrance is back. This is one of my personal favorites too!

Fruit Slices Fragrance is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Gardenia Fragrance Oil

Imagine white blooms on a warm summer night wafting fragrance through the air. That is Gardenia! A very rich fragrance.

Gardenia Fragrance Oil is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Gingerbread and Spice Fragrance Oil


Gingerbread and Spice Fragrance Oil

Gingerbread and spice go hand in hand. This old fashioned medley is the perfect infusion of molasses and brown sugar; topped with the perfect blend of cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger.

Be modern, be nostalgic. What ever you call this fragrance everyone will agree it is awesome.

Gingerbread and Spice Fragrance is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Ginger Fragrance Oil

Ginger has been the rage lately with Origins releasing their awesome new line. We wanted to duplicate that sexy scent for our own soaps and lotions.

Ginger Fragrance Oil is compatible with our cyclomethicone!


Ginger Pomelo Fragrance Oil

Our Ginger Pomelo is an elegant citrus blend. Let's start with a round of lemon: sharp, untamed and zesty. Now, let's add a splash of fresh orange and a good squeeze of red grapefruit. Let's sprinkle in some dewy green notes and whisper in a bit of white rose. Now let's add some wild ginger and smooth the whole with soft musk and white oak. Wonderful!!!

I really like this scent for hand soaps and hair care products. The shampoo and conditioner are awesome for long-lasting zip and energy to your day. Think snappy, think spring, think energy, think vibrant. Ginger Pomelo is awesome!

Ginger Pomelo Fragrance Oil is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Gladiator Fragrance Oil

Oooh-la-la! We had a really hard time naming this fragrance. It is very sexy; smelling of woods and musk. Everyone agreed that it smells like a man that is fresh from the shower. A fresh mountain air sweeps around these base notes and really makes for an awesome soap. I am going to get our blog team to do some samples of some sprays because this one is too good to keep under wraps.

So many of our phone calls request a great masculine scent. I think this one is great for men because it shows them how much we care that they are clean and smell good.

No discoloration in soaps on this one. Color away if you desire!

Gladiator is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Green Clover & Aloe Fragrance Oil

Revised! This fragrance has been reformulated to eliminate a raw material problem. The raw materials would vary and at times cause problems with this fragrance but it was not a consistent problem. So we went back to the lab and reworked this fragrance to keep all the great scent but remove the possibility of a raw material problem. Enjoy!

Unstoppable fragrance in a cold process soap with fresh green notes and hints of aloe. A new fragrance so good it could be perfection!

Leslie wrote to us: "My favorite! delicious!"

Green Clover & Aloe Fragrance is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Green Mango Fragrance Oil


Green Mango Fragrance Oil

Green mango super fruit is now a fragrance oil! This tropical blend of mango, peach, coconut, melon and berry has a twist of orange and a splash of spruce. The herbal and ozone top notes are sweetened with a base note of vanilla. Unusual, fruity, spicy and ... super!

This scent is nice for shampoos, soaps, and room sprays.

Green Mango Fragrance Oil is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Green Tea and Cucumber Fragrance Oil

Effective October 1, 2017 there is a minor adjustment to the ingredients that make up this fragrance oil. It will not likely change anything in your final formulation but testing is in order. Thank you for making a test batch! The new product code will be on all orders and labels.

This fragrance is so good, that many of our customers have made it a staple in their product lines. With one sniff, you will realize why it has become a classic in our catalog with great demand. Imagine fresh cucumbers on your eyes and soothing green tea twisting up from your cup. We've bottled the timeless spa experience for you to enjoy from the comfort of your home.

Don't worry about which fresh fragrance to add to your line. Your search is over with this yummy treasure!

Green Tea and Cucumber Fragrance is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Green Tea Fragrance Oil

Green Tea is celebrated for its unique, refreshing and subtle aroma. A great addition for your soaps, lotions and body scrubs. This one could fool even the finest of tea purveyors. Trust us, we know because we found some lurking in our warehouse!

Compatible with our cyclomethicone.

Guava Sunrise Fragrance Oil

When I was first handed the sample of Guava Sunrise to sniff, I was a little worried. I don't live near the tropics and my limited exposure to guava has been through guava flavored sodas. This fragrance blew me away!

One sniff and I could just imagine sitting on a tropical beach watching the sunrise, and drinking a freshly made tropical soda. The fresh guava mixes with an effervescent fizz, peach and a hint of orange blossom. I'm ready to hit the beach and enjoy a morning sunrise! Anyone want to meet me there and teach me how to enjoy a guava?

No discoloration in soaps on this one. Color away if you desire!

Guava Sunrise is compatible with our cyclomethicone.

Hibiscus Passion Fragrance Oil

What a fabulous new fragrance! Top notes of green pear, crisp apple, a fresh pineapple are intertwined with cress, hibiscus, muguet, and violet blossoms while sheer musk adds character and sophistication.

This fragrance was an overwhelming hit with our staff members when the Research and Development Team gave samples for take-home testing. I really mean overwhelming hit because over 80% of our staff put this fragrance on the "must have" list.

Hibiscus Passion is compatible with cyclomethicone.

Hinoki Wood Fragrance Oil

Many of you know that we have some base note fans on our staff. They enjoy the musky scents, the medicinal scents and I dare say they are IN LOVE WITH lavender. ICK! OK, so what are the rest of you lavender fans supposed to do with me, who is hopelessly opposed to anything lavender? Give me Hinoki Wood!

Here is the low down on what this scent is like: warm essences of blondewood, cedar and patchouly are enhanced with vanilla musk, cinnamon, clove and uplifted with notes of fresh eucalyptus, lavender, orange blossom, jasmine and rose.

So, you might wonder why I am picking on just the lavender, and I want to clear the air. I am not picking on just lavender. The whole medicinal-earthy-woody thing just doesn't move me, until this scent. I kept coming back and wondering what was twirling my beanie! Maybe it is the vanilla musk, maybe it is the rose and blondewood. I am not really sure what has drawn me to this scent. Let's face it, I'm a fruity, citrus, bubble gum fan, not the hard-core essential oil fan. Hinoki is just so unusual and clean, and wonderful. I am amazed and the rest of the staff is thinking I might just be singing the praises of lavender soon. Ok, so lavender might be a stretch, but my total enjoyment of Hinoki Wood Fragrance isn't. I think this is a great scent, and that is saying something because this isn't fruity or citrusy or bubble gum!

Let me know what YOU think is the enticing magic behind this scent. I'll post the comments here so we can all share in this fab scent.

Alex is the first to write in about this scent. Here is how Alex describes Hinoki Wood: " I just got my order today and I loved Hinoki Wood.
Here's how I described it on my website Its spicy, musky, woody, and mysterious. Its a new take on oriental perfumes. If you loved Shalimar, Obsession, Opium or Ciara, you'll love Hinoki Wood."

Not compatible with our cyclomethicone. Mixture remains cloudy.

Honey Almond Fragrance Oil

This is a wonderful combination of sweet, golden honey, mixed with the very popular almond scent. Most people love to put this in an oatmeal, or facial soap. You might want to try it with milk or lanolin soaps to give that sweetly soft caressing scent.

Honey Almond Fragrance Oil is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Honey Buns Fragrance Oil

There is something about plump, glistening buns that just brings a smile to my face. What kind of buns? Honey Buns, of course! Just close your eyes and imagine with me. Tender, lofty dough crisped to golden perfection and drizzled generously with a honey syrup. This has me licking my lips in pure delight.

Honey Buns is a aromatic blend of honey comb, golden syrup and vanilla that is brightened with a hint of orange zest and cinnamon. This delightful fragrance is perfect for people of all ages.

Honey Buns is cyclomethicone compatible. This means you can make room sprays, dry oil perfumes and much more!

Honey Harvest Fragrance Oil

A special blend of notes which have become much desired commodity in this place!

Warm beeswax, fresh honey, hints of almond and oatmeal make this scent different from the rest. Our version of L'Occitane's Honey Harvest is certainly sweeter since it's ready for soaps, lotions, masks, creams, shampoo and more! Cold process soap will color a medium tan.

Honey Harvest Fragrance is NOT compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Honeysuckle Fragrance Oil

It is here! We know you have been asking for a good honeysuckle and have waited a long time. Well, the wait was worth it! A heavy floral that lingers for a long time, use alone or in blends. A fabulous anchoring aroma.

Honeysuckle Fragrance is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Huckleberry Fragrance Oil

An updated of this fantastic berry scent which has a superfruit odor. Amazing! We love this scent and so thrilled to keep this beauty in the catalog.

A powerful berry blend, somewhat overpowering in the bottle but awesome in soap. This one will always be reminiscent of Grandma's home made preserves.

* Caution: Be careful using this one in bear country.

Huckleberry is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Hydrogen Fragrance

Hydrogen is the ultimate in new fragrances. Top fruity notes of apple, grapefruit, peach and leafy greens; with middle notes of lily, lavender, rose and violet; and finally base notes with amber, sandalwood, and raspberry musk.

Let Hydrogen be elemental in your new line of fragrances!

Hydrogen Fragrance is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Icy Water Fragrance Oil

The mountains are my favorite place to go. If I could, I would have snowy peaks all year long. Yep, I go bonkers when I wake up to a winter wonderland and it doesn't even need to be in my yard for the joy to overwhelm me. As much as I adore all of the gorgeous white snow, I am not fond of the bitter cold. So you can imagine my excitement when a sample of Icy Water crossed my desk. OH MY GOSH! This fragrance is AMAZING! Very Fresh!

Icy Water is an elegant, frigid, water type scent. It is a blend of frosty florals, a puff of the North wind, great glaciers and a slight note of evergreen. This is really a sophisticated type scent that would be at home in a spa. The scent reminds me of the winter-cold creeks that run down our mountain sides.

I think Icy Water Fragrance Oil would be a welcome scent during the overbearing heat of summer. It would a breath of fresh cool air. Icy Water is perfect year round for spas looking for a fresh, revitalizing scent. Wow!

On a side note, did you know that cold water from our taps is in the 40 F range, or lower, year round? Oh, how I miss this when I travel. Cold water just has a different odor and taste than warm water.

Icy Water is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Intense Almond Fragrance Oil

Almond is perhaps one of the most popular scents. It gives a down home, warm, wrap you in comfort feeling. This is a good one to put in facial bars, or luxurious body bars.

Intense Almond Fragrance Oil is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Jacob Fragrance Oil

Jacob is a blend of evergreen woods, moss, patchouly and sensual musk. It is a deep, yet fresh scent and entirely masculine. This scent has been in the works for a long time and is certainly a much asked for addition to our catalog.

Jacob Fragrance Oil is compatible with our cyclomethicone!


Jasmine Fragrance Oil

A heavy floral requested time and time again. Blend this appealing floral with other earthy scents like sandalwood and patchouly. A romantic scent that can easily stand alone.

Carole wrote to us:
Just had to let you know-I've been trying for a long time, to no avail, to make my daughter a good Jasmine blend, her favorite. But it just never smelled very good, no matter how many different companies I tried.
With my last order, you sent me a sample of your Jasmine-and WOW-It is the ROCKINGEST scent! There's just no other way to put it! (Did I really use that word?)
By the way, I used the exact same formula blend for all of them.
But then, I should have known to expect that kind of quality from you-you always seem to go that extra mile. Thank you, again!

Carole, you really did use that word! Thank you for you comments, we have to agree, our Jasmine really is that good.

Jasmine Fragrance Oil is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Java Java Fragrance Oil

You know that distinctive and enticing aroma that you smell when you first walk into a coffee shop? Well, we have managed to put that in a bottle. Yep! You read that right. Java Java is a coffee shop in a bottle.

Java Java is a tempting blend of freshly roasted coffee beans, brewed espresso, and buttery cappuccino. If you are a fan of coffee or just need your morning fix, Java Java is for you!

Java Java is fabulous in soaps, lotions, potpourri and more!

Java Java is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Juicy Grape Fragrance Oil

Juicy Grape is a wonderful fragrance with the intensely scented concord grape at the core. The fragrance is perfect for soaps, shampoos and conditioners. A real fresh and energizing scent. This fragrance has a bonus! No calories, no sticky fingerprints, no dishes to wash! Just perfect scent!

Juicy Grape Fragrance Oil is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Juicy Pear Fragrance Oil

Our new pear fragrance is more intense, more ripe, more juicy and just more in everything! While we thought our original pear was fabulous (it was!) however we were able to improve. This new pear will have you drooling.

Fresh, fruity, green and staying power! Some pear scents will morph in cold process soap, not ours! Some pear scents don\'t smell realistic, not ours! Some pear scents have no staying power, not ours!

Juicy Pear Fragrance is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Juniper Breeze type Fragrance Oil

Juniper Breeze is a Bath and Body Works scent. This is a duplication of their scent. This much requested duplication is very true to the real thing, but our version holds in soap, has staying power, and is suitable for all other cosmetic applications like powder, lotion, shampoo and conditioners. Now you have an improvement of the original with a stronger scent (not related to the just use more oil to get a stronger scent idea of fragrance usage). We wanted you to have the best!

Please note: This fragrance is not manufactured or distributed by Bath & Body Works, Inc., owner of the registered trademark Juniper Breeze.

Juniper Breeze Fragrance Oil is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Just for You Fragrance Oil

Just for You is the bouquet everyone of us wants to receive when the day was not quite right. It tells us we are loved, the sun will come up tomorrow and can once again enjoy the flowers.

Just for You includes delicate peonies, full-bloom roses, explosions of lilacs, sprays of violets and gardenia buds. A fresh sprinkling of citrus along with musky notes of amber and moss.

Brilliant! And it is Just for You.

Just for You is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Kalahari Melon Fragrance Oil

Kalahari Melon is a terrific blend of watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew. Notes of fruity strawberry, peaches, pineapple, raspberry, along with greens of violet leaf and green cucumbers are in this great scent. All of this great fruity blend are on a musk and rum base. Super fresh and wonderful!

If you want a great song to go along with the Kalahari Melon fragrance, try listening to Brent Holmes' Cow Tunes for Kids. You can sing to the Cows of the Kalahari while spraying the room with a Kalahari Melon spray. Too much fun!

Soap will color a pale tan. There goes that vanilla note!

Kalahari Melon Fragrance is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Lavender Fleur type Fragrance Oil

A fun lavender fragrance similar to Victoria's Secret. This isn't a purely herbal scent like lavender essential oil. Lavender Fleur is a fruity and floral lavender. Even our lavender haters (oh! did I just say that?) enjoyed this scent enough to make positive comments. Start with lavender then add green cucumber, a twist of orange and a wave of white lily. I know it sounds like a menagerie in a bottle but when the fragrance is this good people really comment.

Lavender Fleur (type) Fragrance is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Lavender Flowers Fragrance Oil

Lavender essential oil can be rather overpowering and almost medicinal in smell. This fragrance oil is not. It has the beautiful, spring fresh scent of lavender without excess. It is a very popular women's fragrance.

Lavender Flowers Fragrance Oil is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Lemoncello Fragrance Oil

Lemoncello Fragrance whisks you away to the far coasts of the Mediterranean where the weather is warm and the waters call your name. Lemon is used in so many things, from gifts to each and every meal. Lemon in the rice, lemon over vegetables, lemon with meats and fish, a lemon grove ties everything together. Lemoncello has a strong lemon aroma without being bitter or sour and while having a hint of sweetness. You are sure to love Lemoncello! We have loved using this fragrance in all of our new products.

Send us the items you want to make with this fragrance.

Lemoncello is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Lemon Cookie Fragrance Oil

What happens when you mix butter, sugar, flour, salt, baking soda, vanilla extract and lemon extract? Lemon Cookies, of course! Lemon Cookie is a mouth watering, fresh-out-of-the-oven baking smell and it is heavenly! Lemon Cookie is a tantalizing blend of butter, sugar, vanilla, lemon, and a hint of coconut.

In fact, Lemon Cookie is so good, one gal on staff made a room spray to scent her home. Her husband walked in the door, made a straight beeline for the kitchen and was devastated to find that the oven was cold and there was no plate of cookies in sight! Poor guy!

Lemon Cookie is perfect for foodies and bakers of all ages! Lemon Cookie is great in scrubs, soaps, room sprays and more.

Lemon Cookie is NOT compatible with our cyclomethicone.

Lemon Herb Fragrance Oil


Lemon Herb Fragrance Oil

Lemon Herb reminds me of the lemon clean scent of a home that has had a whirlwind cleaning crew. The air is fresh, the scent is clean and lemon lingers to make everything bright.

I must admit I was hesitant when I smelled this scent right from the bottle. It was weird. It was the blog team that reminded me to never judge a scent when it is concentration. So, they gave me a soap and I was immediately won over. The soap is lovely without being too overwhelming. It was soft, gentle and uplifting. The soap has a very soft yellow color so it could be easily colored. The yellow is primarily from the fats that were used. I think everyone will like this soap. I would probably recommend this soap for any gym shower room, it would certainly improve the odor!


Lemon Herb is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Lemon Sugar type Fragrance Oil


Lemon Sugar type Fragrance Oil

Fresh brand fragrances are awesome! Lemon Sugar is the most requested of the fragrances from Fresh. So... We took a bit of time to duplicate the best of Fresh into our own version of this citrusy blockbuster.

SO, you are probably wondering: What makes up this scent? Well, let me tell you. Lemon Sugar is a happy fragrance that combines zesty citrus notes of Italian lemon, yuzu, mandarin with lychee, orange blossom and ginger flower, then adds sensual undertones of oak moss, caramel, and white santal.

It really is unforgettable! If you love citrus, then sample Lemon Sugar type from MMS. We know it will become a favorite of yours too.

Lemon Sugar type Fragrance Oil is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Lemon Verbena Fragrance


Lemon Verbena Fragrance

Our lemon verbena fragrance oil is a fabulous new addition to your line! With notes of spring greens, herbs, white lilies, citrus, apples and a hint of mint this new fragrance will have you refreshed and invigorated all day! Our recent shipments have included samples of this new fragrance and the wonderful comments have been pouring in. One gal even compared it to the invigorating splash from Jean Nate. Remember the television commercials? I couldn't wait to make a body splash and use it liberally too!

Lemon Verbena Fragrance is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Lemon Zinger Fragrance Oil

Summer time is the time to get refreshed with lemonade! A fun citrus scent that we have blended with other fruity scents to create some very refreshing summertime scents. We have even blended this with sandalwood for an awesome men's fragrance.

Lemon Zinger is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Lilac Fragrance Oil

A fresh spring floral that can almost melt the snow away by itself. Refreshing and soft, not heavy. Northern gardeners will recognize this fragrance immediately, just as Southern gardeners recognize gardenia.

A MMS Favorite!

Lilac Fragrance Oil is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Lilac & Lavender Fragrance Oil

A special blend of lilac and lavender creates this refreshing, squeaky clean scent. A super clean soap scent to win over the caffeine-lacking members of the household every time. Not at all what you would expect of lilac and lavender. This scent came about from a much requested duplication. I probably should write that as MUCH REQUESTED, since the requester has been persistent. We are sure you will enjoy this new scent.

Lilac & Lavender Fragrance is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Lilikoi Fragrance Oil

Lilikoi is the passionfruit in Hawaiian. Lilikoi is pronounced lil-li-koi, think lil as in slang for little, li as in lick, koi as in the fish (sounds like coy).

The passionfruit is popular in many drinks and certainly not just for adults. The fresh and sweet notes are incredible for scenting soaps and lotions. If you have never had a passionfruit let me try to explain. Citrus notes like lemon peel have a soft peachy highlight, then juicy raspberries and blackberries sweep the senses and bring in the violet undertones. Vanilla amber takes care of the dry down and you have a passionate thrill right in a bottle! Makes great soaps, lotions, room and body scenting products.


Lilikoi Fragrance Oil is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Lily of the Valley Fragrance Oil

A wonderful spring or summer scent! Use lightly because this fragrance oil is strong and really packs a lot of value into a bottle! What about a soap or lotion in your future?

Lily of the Valley Fragrance Oil is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Lotus Fragrance Oil


Lotus Fragrance Oil

A delicate floral bouquet of jasmine and rose highlighted with fresh citrus and a rich base of sandalwood, patchouli, amber, vanilla & sweet musk. A richly scented fragrance with top quality components. Don't miss this fine fragrance, a parfum-style formulation.

Lotus is an incredibly sensual fragrance. Try it in a linen spray or massage cream.

Lotus is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Love Spell type Fragrance Oil

With all the new fun fragrances available there were a few that we have been asked for to the point we just needed to make one for ourselves. This fragrance is sure to be a much requested favorite around your place too!

Please note: This fragrance is not manufactured or distributed by Intimate Beauty Corporation (DBA Victoria's Secret), owner of the registered trademark Love Spell.

Love Spell type Fragrance Oil is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Lumberjack Fragrance Oil


Lumberjack Fragrance Oil

"Oh, I'm a lumberjack, and I'm okay,
I sleep all night and I work all day."

All Monty Python comedy troupe singing aside, this scent is really nice. The primary notes are of woods, moss, musk, hyacinth with vanilla and a tiny bit of lavender. I noticed the musk aroma immediately and felt this was a "clean from the shower" type of scent. This oil would work well in soaps, lotions, hair products and even as a cologne for men. If the usage rate were on the very light side this would make a great beard oil!

Don't let your lumberjack smell off, throw him in the shower with a bar of Lumberjack scented soap. Both of you will be happier!

Lumberjack is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Mango Sorbet Fragrance Oil

A fun fruity fragrance that works nicely in lotions for an uplifting massage. Try Mango Sorbet when your feet are tired and hot, your feet will appreciate the attention and relief from work. A great blending fragrance.

Mango Sorbet Fragrance is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Mediterranean Silk Fragrance


Mediterranean Silk Fragrance

This breezy, fresh ocean air scent has a touch of roses in the mix. I can imagine a lovely villa with open windows and the ocean harmony in the near distance. What could be more wonderful than silk sheets, fresh air, and light flower gardens to perfume the breezes? I adore this scent. It is a bit romantic and a bit take time to smell the roses or life will pass you by type scent. Doesn't this sound wonderful? It is!!!

Mediterranean Silk is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Middle Earth Fragrance Oil


Middle Earth Fragrance Oil

Are you looking to go on an adventure? If so, come with us to Middle Earth!

Middle Earth is a fun blend for dreamers, fantasy lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. It is humble and earthy with an ethereal quality to it.

What makes Middle Earth so special? Well, it is a blend of redwood, soft mosses and greenery, mild camphor with hints of fir, spruce and mint. Add a little sweetness, clean ozone and a good dose of magic and you will find yourself whisked away to another world. I think I want to be a Hobbit.

Middle Earth is a great scent for lotions, soaps, scrubs, room sprays and more!

Middle Earth is also compatible with our cyclomethicone. This means you can make rooms sprays and more with ease. Yippee!

Mocha Mint Fragrance Oil


Mocha Mint Fragrance Oil

Breathe deep and let the comforting aroma of rich chocolate, cool peppermint and a faint hint of coffee wrap around you. If you love candies like Peppermint Patties, Junior Mints or Andes, and beverages like the Peppermint Mocha, then Mocha Mint is right up your alley! Now you can make soaps, lotions, bath treats and more. What will you make with this scrumptious fragrance?

Mocha Mint is cyclomethicone compatible. This means you can make room sprays, dry oil perfumes and much more!

Mokalata Fragrance Oil


Mokalata Fragrance Oil

A decadent mocha blend of rich cocoa, espresso and creamy vanilla with notes of caramel, fruity cherry and a touch of spice, citrus and coconut.

This was such a great scent I felt like I had already enjoyed a trip to my local barista!

This soap makes the most beautiful brown soap! Cut it just before you give it away and your friends will want to know how you did that. Fresh cut soap looks like a Twinkie with the creamy-colored filling.

Mokalata Fragrance Oil is NOT compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Monkey Farts Fragrance Oil

What a silly name! This fragrance is a blend of tropical fruit like papaya, mango, kiwi, passionfruit, pineapple, banana with a twist of fun bubble gum. A customer of our asked for this scent and we liked the over all soaps, lotions and hair care we made with it. Alas, you now can get clean with a silly sounding fragrance!

Monkey Farts Fragrance Oil is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Moonlight Path Fragrance Oil


Moonlight Path Fragrance Oil

A Bath & Body Works favorite.

Our version of BBW Moonlight Path has lavender, rose, violet and musk. Yet, our rendition of this sensual floral is safe for cold process soap, wax candles and more!

When we tested this fragrance we were totally unprepared for the staff reaction. We expected that the female side of the staff would oohhh and aaahhhh over the floral/sensual scent but when we gave it to the men we were just shocked! One guy in particular just gushed over the fragrance. We were worried we needed to send him home to collect himself! And I can tell you all the women took note of this reaction!!


Please note: This fragrance is not manufactured or distributed by Bath & Body Works, Inc.

Moonlight Path Fragrance is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Mulberry Fragrance Oil


Mulberry Fragrance Oil

Just after our move into our new building, we asked on the blog which scents did everyone want to see back in our catalog. If you don't get the blog in your daily email, please do subscribe. Special offers and more come out on our blog and we do it daily M-F.

Mulberry is one of the sweetest holiday scents I can think of. Things like Christmas Tree, Bayberry and Warm Vanilla Sugar are all nice holiday scents but Mulberry offers something so different that the others just can't. If you always love the dark red and purple potpourri sold during December, you are certainly getting Mulberry. Berries, sweet and slightly citrusy. We are sure you will love making candles (especially wickless candles), potpourri and room sprays.

Mulberry Fragrance Oil is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Myrrh Fragrance Oil

Warm and vanilla like. A great fragrance to blend with Frankincense. Myrrh is enjoyed by women and men. Colors to a darker beige. Absolutely exquisite!

Roben writes to us, "my favorite for TODAY would have to Myrrh! You can blend it with just about anything and the result is fabo! I have yet to combine it with something that doesn't turn out just yummy! I have used it for soaps, body sprays, and fragrance wands! I love it!"

Myrrh Fragrance Oil is NOT compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Nag Champa Fragrance Oil


Nag Champa Fragrance Oil

How do you describe a scent that is so well known and instantly recognizable? Nag Champa is that amazing, indescribable fragrance commonly used in incense, soap, perfumes and other personal cosmetics.

This deep, earthy scent is a fabulous blend of sandalwood and frangipani which is also known as plumeria. Add intertwining hints of geranium roses, vanilla, and jasmine and find yourself enveloped by Nag Champa.

Nag Champa is NOT cyclomethicone compatible. We recommend using Coconut Oil Fractions for making perfume oils instead.

Oak Leaves & Acorns Fragrance Oil


Oak Leaves & Acorns Fragrance Oil

This was a staff favorite with our test samples being gobbled up before we could stop the mad rush!

Rustic pine, wild violets and fall leaves are the center of this intriguing new scent.

Back by popular demand!

Oak Leaves & Acorns Fragrance is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Oatmeal, Milk & Honey Fragrance Oil

We have had so many requests for this fragrance to be added to our collection we just couldn't see straight! Our R&D folks have been working on variations of this fragrance for a long time. Each time the scent wasn't what they wanted, or it would not be compatible with cold process soap, lotions or something else. After much work testing and retesting we have a fragrance worthy of the MMS name.

Think of creamy milk, luscious honey and wholesome oats for a great indulgence in ANY product you make.

Oatmeal, Milk & Honey Fragrance is NOT compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Ocean Rain Fragrance Oil

What do you do when you want that one fabulous water fragrance? The rain type? Well, we now have it! Ocean rain is a very refreshing mix of crisp ozone top notes, with frangipani and muguet blossoms drifting with seafoam greens in a sheer base of amber and musk.

Floating on waves of the ocean when that fabulous mist comes in! WOW!

Ocean Rain Fragrance Oil is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Oh, My! Fragrance Oil

Oh my goodness! How can I describe such a fantastic scent as this and give it justice? I'm not sure if I can, but here it goes! At first whiff, this fragrance reminded me of those delicious butter mint pillows that my mom makes. These candies aren't strongly flavored and the mint is a delicate flavor mixed with stronger flavors of butter and vanilla.

This fragrance encompasses a sweet, child-like innocence makes me think of old black and white films, especially those featuring young Shirley Temple. How can you resist the charm of a butter mint or Miss Shirley Temple? I sure can't!

Oh, My! is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Old West Fragrance Oil

What is the Old West? It is a fantastic blend of fragrant firewood, dry brush, saddle leather and a hint of tobacco. You can bring the wild, wild west back to life. Wow! This sexy scent is amazing. It really makes one think of black and white hats, leather boots, and striking cowboys. Truly a noteworthy fragrance.

When Research and Development released this fragrance to the staff for testing, we got rave reviews from both staff members and their spouses. Our staff has been so excited about this fragrance, we have had to keep it under supervision! Everyone has wanted some to take home. Now they can! ATTENTION EVERYONE: OLD WEST IS IN THE CATALOG!

This outstanding scent really shines in soaps, lotions, colognes, room sprays, body butters and more!

Old West is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Osmanthus Fragrance Oil

OK, I'll admit it, I'm a screamer. Yep. I scream loudly with sheer delight. Especially when something I enjoy so much comes back into the catalog.

Osmanthus is back! Did you know this scent is the most commonly requested scent to come back to the catalog? I don't mean emails or phone calls. I mean people who talk to me in person. Real people! Real like you and me. The conversation starts out like this: "I got a sample of the lotion you did for XYZ company as a promotion. I love it! It is the best hand cream ever. I don't know how to say the name but it smells SOOOO good! I could just bathe in it. Do you know the one I am talking about?"

Almost every time it is Osmanthus. Sure, we've done promotions for companies in other scents and the most popular are Red Clover Tea, Pixie Dust and Polynesian Red. Osmanthus had a special following in the promotional department. We don't do a lot of these, most often they are for special events that we are personally involved with. The results are the same no matter who has been given the gift, Osmanthus is a winner.

This scent is from the olive family of plants. Known as Sweet Olive, Tea Olive or Fragrant Olive, the plant is wonderful. It is sensual, fresh, fruit and herbaceous and wonderfully calming. I think it is the best ever! It can be a personal signature scent so easily.

I think everyone should try Osmanthus. If you try Osmanthus, you might find you are a screamer too. ;-)

Osmanthus Fragrance Oil is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Paradise Fragrance Oil

Tropical and fruity with a twist of mandarin orange. This is my favorite mango scent of all the fragrances we have ever tested. Do you like the fruity citrus scent of Bath and Body Works Mango Mandarin? Use 2 or 3 parts Paradise and 1 part Tangerine Essential Oil. I can't think of a better duo! Mango away!

Paradise Fragrance Oil is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Patchouly Fragrance Oil

What happens when there is a world wide shortage of Patchouly Essential Oil? The price skyrockets! This is the case now. We are hoping to see lower prices at the end of this year but that doesn't help now.

We once offered the best patchouly fragrance oil we have ever smelled or tested. Then we had years of low, stable patchouly prices. You can sure tell that this item is no longer stable in price! So, we are once again offering the best substitute available. Try this fragrance oil in your soaps and lotions, or any fragrance blend that uses patchouly essential oil. We think this is the best substitute available anywhere.

There is some patchouly essential oil in this fragrance so the price is on the higher side. Compare to the real thing and you will see what a bargain this fragrance truly is. While we wait for better markets, patchouly away!

Patchouly Fragrance Oil is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Peach Fragrance Oil

I love biting into a fresh peach and having the sweet juices envelope my senses. It is one of the things I look forward to each fall. This peach fragrance is so good it brings back all those wonderful memories. It is sweet and tangy, complex and very refreshing.

Compatible with our cyclomethicone.

Perfume Testing Strips

Our perfume testing strips are unmarked and perfect for testing new fragrances. We test blends of fragrances and various scented concoctions with these strips. Just dip the narrow end of the strip into your scenting oils and give a sniff. The wide end of the strips is perfect for recording the scent so you don't forget what you tested! Enjoy!

Pineapple Smoothie Fragrance

I adore this fragrance! If you are looking for a tropical getaway scent, this is it! Tropical pineapple with coconut and creamy vanilla notes carry this heavenly scent all the way to the beach! Mouthwatering fruit and luscious greens complete this fragrance. Top rated and highly requested in ANYTHING! And the best is yet to come, cold process soap makers won't worry about tan or brown soap! Even try a reed diffuser with this scent! The whole house will smell inviting.

Pineapple Smoothie Fragrance is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Pixie Dust Fragrance Oil

I thought our R&D staff had lost their minds when this fragrance was presented as a new product. I couldn't imagine what Pixie Dust would smell like! Would it smell like clothes or toes? Or hair or fresh bathed skin? You would think should I know better by now. Our R&D staff is awesome with their testing of new fragrances, and this scent is no different. Now that I have smelled this scent, here is what it smells like:

Pixie Dust is a fresh, clean scent with hints of aloe, greens and a subtle citrus twist. I smell it and think spring.

When samples of this fragrance started arriving to our customers in their orders the phone calls said plenty! I didn't even know our shipping department had samples already!

With spring right around the corner you can't go wrong with Pixie Dust in soaps, lotions and everything in between. My personal favorite is shampoo. MMMMM!

Pixie Dust Fragrance is compatible with cyclomethicone.

Plumeria Fragrance

Plumeria is a Hawaiian delight that is out of this world. The fragrance is also known as the Flower of Bali or frangipani. Some of our male soapers say this soap always sells out at their shows and they are glad it is back in our catalog! Enjoy this fabulous new plumeria today.

Plumeria Fragrance is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Polynesian Red Fragrance Oil


Polynesian Red Fragrance Oil

Effective March 31, 2015 there is a minor adjustment to the ingredients that make up this fragrance oil. It will not likely change anything in your final formulation but testing is in order. Thank you for making a test batch! The new product code will be on all orders and labels.

Juicy pomegranates are the core of this fragrance. Hints of pineapple, red grapefruit, green apple, mango and subtle moss make this scent unforgettable. A staff favorite with lotions, soaps and especially hair care products. I like the Leave In Conditioner the most so my hair can have an aromatic uplift any time of day!

Polynesian Red Fragrance Oil is NO LONGER compatible with our cyclomethicone! The sample took more than 24 hours to blend. If you are making sprays with cyclomethicone then give this scent a chance to mellow. Stir together. Cap tightly. Shake and set aside for 48 hours. We think this will help.

Posh Petals Fragrance Oil


Posh Petals Fragrance Oil

We had to laugh with the staff waving their hands and saying "Posh Petals dahling." Do you ever just roll your eyes and think people are so funny?

Posh Petals has been a hit around here. The shipping department has even been sending samples and the comments back are wonderful!

This mixture of rose water, lemon, tangerine, pomegranates and aloe is fabulous! This scent is clean and fresh.

On a side note, I went to the research lab to get a soap sample (all of our fragrances are tested in cold process soap first) and half the batch has already been taken!

Posh Petals Fragrance is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Pumpkin Spice Fragrance Oil

There is something magical and comforting about the scent of a baking pumpkin pie. The comfort may be caused by how the scent permeates through the entire house, or maybe it is the prospect of cutting into the creamy pie. Whatever the reason, Pumpkin Spice is a delightful and scrumptious scent.

Pumpkin Spice is a delectable blend on cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, ginger blended with pumpkin, a hint of harvest apple, caramel and cream. With a single whiff, your mouth will start to water and you will fall in love. Just remember, you can't eat a fragrance oil. You have been warned!

Pumpkin Spice is a perfect scent for autumn and/or winter. Make soaps, scrubs, potpourri, room sprays and more!

Pumpkin Spice is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Punch Party Fragrance

A fun, fruity scent that is fabulous for summer! An umbrella drink blend of pineapple and coconut, with a touch of banana and a twist of lemon. How could we make it better? We topped it with a single raspberry! MMMMM!

Punch Party Fragrance is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Rain Orchid Fragrance Oil

One of the original fragrances in our catalog, Rain Orchid has been a customer staple since 1996. This fantastically fresh scent reminds me of a drizzling rain on an early summer morning when the flowers have begun to bloom. Rain Orchid is the perfect combination of floral and ozone.

If you are looking for a subtly fresh scent, Rain Orchid is it! Breathe deep and enjoy the clean scent. This fragrance makes a great linen spray, room freshener or soap. Your friends, family and customers will soon be lining up at your door to pick up another of your fantastic products made with Rain Orchid. Don't say that we didn't warn you!

Rain Orchid Fragrance Oil is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Raspberry Fragrance Oil

Raspberry is inviting on it's own or works well in combinations of other fruits, or even added with cocoa butter for a raspberry truffle that will be indulgent.

Raspberry Fragrance Oil is NOT compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Red Clover Tea Fragrance

A bright and fruity bouquet with top notes of raspberry, pineapple, nectarine and green tea. The heart blends white lilies, sweet pea, muguet and red clover, the dry down is contemporary with fresh marine notes and a soft, sensual musk.

R'Chel wrote to us: "The red clover fragrance is to die for" We have to agree!

Do you like Sweet Pea in the Bath and Body Works line? Try our Red Clover Tea and we think you won't be able to tell the difference!

Red Clover Tea Fragrance is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Red Grape & Blueberry Fragrance Oil

With all the talk of super fruits, powerful antioxidants, and fruits in season, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to release a few fragrances inspired by these fruits. Red Grape and Blueberry is one of my favorites. The scent is a fruity blend of grape skins, strawberry, blueberry, pineapple and honeysuckle. Base notes of tobacco, caramel and balsamic amber round out this fruity-with-a-twist scent.

Fresh, sweet but not cloying, a great scent for soaps, lotions, candles and balms.

Red Grape & Blueberry Fragrance is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Relaxation Fragrance Oil

If there is any way our R&D staff could put together a relaxing fragrance, this is it. A soft fragrance with a hint of carnation spiciness, transparent musk are surrounded by white lilies, hyacinth, jasmine, tuberose and vanilla with a touch of lemon. A gentle scent that would be fabulous in lotions, creams, soaps and room or linen sprays.

The art of true relaxation should be learned by all. With this scent, you are one step closer. Enjoy!

Relaxation Fragrance Oil is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Rhubarb and Sugar Cane Fragrance Oil


Rhubarb and Sugar Cane Fragrance Oil

Rhubarb and Sugar Cane is a tangy mixture that has grapefruit, pomegranate, and zesty pomelo at the forefront. There is a simple floral note of white lily, juicy black currants, and delicate pink roses to assist with this snappy, fragrance. This is a morning shower, run through the day type of scent. Fresh, clean, fun and energized! While Thymes may have started this trend, we certainly have improved because our version is ready for your soap batch! Have a great time making soap and prepare for mornings that just don't need any caffeine to get started. YEAH!

Rhubarb and Sugar Cane Fragrance is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Rooibos Tea Fragrance

Say it Roy-boss.

This new "tea" isn't really a tea, it is a herbaceous plant that is brewed like a tea for a lovely drink. The fragrance oil is citrusy and honey like. A lightly floral addition of white blossoms, iris and jasmine are balanced with a vanilla base note.


Colors soap to a light tan color.

Rooibos Tea Fragrance is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Rose Fragrance Oil

Rose holds a mysticism of romance. Imagine yourself sitting in a rose garden and letting the breeze softly tickle your senses. That is how good this rose fragrance is.

Rose Fragrance Oil is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Rose Garden Fragrance Oil


Rose Garden Fragrance Oil

Well, roses are considered the ultimate in the garden and many follow this challenge to get the perfect roses. But what about a fragrance oil that represents the whole card and not just the roses?

We were up to the challenge to pull this off. A little rain, a little damp soil, a few green leaves and some other floral notes all combined with colored roses to make the most luscious garden scent ever. When the soap is finished you will discover a whole garden in your curing room!

Recent comments said that people really like this multidimensional scent! Gather your pruners and let's head to the garden for a floral arrangement like no other!


Rose Garden is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Sahara Sandalwood Fragrance Oil

A soft, masculine sandalwood with notes of vanilla and coconut. Warm, sensual, perfectly masculine and certainly a winner for soaps and lotions. Some staff members said the scent reminds them of sandy beaches, mostly naked men, warm sunshine and suntan lotions. Does this mean we are ready for summer?!?!

Sahara Sandalwood Fragrance Oil is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Sandalwood Fragrance Oil

This is a fragrance that works well in combinations. It gives a stable base note to higher, more volatile oils, such as orange essential. Use it on it's own to give a woodsy, down to earth scent.

Sandalwood Fragrance Oil is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Sandalwood Vanilla Fragrance Oil


Sandalwood Vanilla Fragrance Oil

A soft tan soap and an incredibly masculine scent. Sandalwood and vanilla are the perfect mix. Warm, sexy, inviting and comforting are the words most often used to describe this scent. Our staff, and their spouses, love the scent. Sandalwood, vanilla, oak, moss and crisp linen blend to make this scent the best.


Sandalwood Vanilla Fragrance is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Sap Moss type Fragrance Oil

Aveda has done it again! Sap Moss products from Aveda are blended with Iceland moss, quillaja, yucca, olibanum and galbanum. A soothing fragrance with a fresh appeal. Don't be surprised if you are ready to make linen sprays, shampoos, conditioners, soaps, cuticle oils, foot creams with this marine-green blend.

Sap Moss type Fragrance Oil is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Sea Salt Fragrance Oil


Sea Salt Fragrance Oil

Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Imagine standing on the beach as the waves crash upon the sand, the sea breeze twists through your hair, and the complex aroma of flowers, salt, water, and sand tickles your nose. The complexity of the ocean always seems to pull at different emotions and caress deep into the soul. Sea Salt is our interpretation of the intricate odors of Mother Nature's glorious beaches.

As the sea breeze blows steadily past your nose, it carries the scent of seaside gardens with their bouquet of Beach Verbena, lilies, roses, and a light squeeze of bergamot. As the breezes whisks down the beach, it picks up the tang of seashore juniper, sun warmed cedar and sandalwood and then weaves this delicate medley of aromas together with sea salt, and it's own threads of sea breeze.

Sea Salt is cyclomethicone compatible. This means you can make room sprays, dry oil perfumes and much more!

Sensual Fragrance Oil


Sensual Fragrance Oil

A sensual fragrance as the name implies. Think of masculine sandalwood, velvety vanilla, lingering musk with a twist of orange and cinnamon. This is probably the best unisex fragrance to cross my desk in a long time. When I asked the rest of the staff for comments I had to laugh. Each time people would smell it, then ask for a second whiff almost immediately. You know the reaction I'm talking about, you first get a "mmm" then they draw your arm right back for a deep, breathy draw and go "MMMMMMMMMMMM!" They response is almost a sensual purr, hence the name.

Sensual Fragrance Oil is compatible with our cyclomethicone!


Shall We Dance Fragrance Oil


Shall We Dance Fragrance Oil

It doesn't matter if you like to salsa, mamba, waltz or swing dance, Shall We Dance will get your toes tapping and wanting to dance your way across the floor. Chasse and pose because you and your dance moves are simply fabulous!

Shall We Dance is a zippy, sassy and happy blend of orange, pineapple, and plum with a soft hint of rose, musk and sandalwood. This fragrance is perfect for people of all ages and you may find that the happiness that we managed to capture in this delightful blend is infectious! The music is playing, toes are tapping and hearts are racing. Shall we dance?

Shall We Dance is compatible with our cycylomethicone. This means you can make room sprays, dry oil body sprays and much more!

Somali Rose Fragrance Oil

A customer called us desperate for a fragrance he could no longer get. Can you imagine a masculine rose? Here it is! Super subtle rose with soft chocolate, sandalwood, anise, musk and a twist of green moss. A unique smell that had many staff members say "mmmmmm"! Now don't be too concerned about the rose in the name or the blend, this isn't a strong floral type. Very masculine and sexy.

Somali Rose Fragrance is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Spa Mint Medley Fragrance Oil

An exceptional spa inspired mint medley. This fragrance was created for a well known spa located in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, and they still use it as their signature scent. If you've been searching for that perfect spa mint blend, give this one a try.

Spa Mint Medley Fragrance Oil is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Spiced Fig Fragrance Oil


Spiced Fig Fragrance Oil

Spiced Fig. The perfect holiday scent of clove studded fruit and baking pies. This scent is like no other, it says welcome to all who enter the home as though they are good friends who have come for coffee and pie. Use this scent in room sprays, linen sprays, bath soaps, diffuser bottles, liquid soaps and even lotions! Spiced Fig is the feeling of being safe, secure and loved.

Don't forget to try it in candles and in shampoos! Candles are a super gift and shampoo is the perfect start to a morning routine.

Spiced Fig is back by popular demand for the holiday season . Get this one while it lasts, it is a seasonal item in our catalog.

Spiced Fig is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Spicy Lime Fragrance Oil

Lime is used in many men's fragrance. Spicy Lime gives a tart, yet spiced scent that is very invigorating and masculine. One whiff of this and you will know what a clean man should smell like.

Spicy Lime Fragrance Oil is NOT compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Starfruit Fragrance Oil

Do you like Yankee Candles? Have you smelled the Starfruit & Orange candle they offer? Well, we have and we LOVED it! So we set out to make a soap safe, cosmetic safe fragrance oil that would work for our customers. This is the result! A wonderful scent for the diffuser reeds.

Golden starfruit, juicy peach, green apple abound in this scent. They are accompanied by fruity orange and sparkling grapefruit with hints of lily and green herbals. We think you will love it too!

Starfruit Fragrance Oil is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Strawberries and Champagne Fragrance

Have you wanted a little strawberries and champagne in your life? How would a fragrance that works in cold process soap as well as lotions, shampoos and melt and pour soap sound to you? We think it is great! Don't use the fragrances that fade or just don't smell right when added to soap. Get the best you can, especially when you don't need to break the bank!

Strawberries and Champagne Fragrance is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Sweetgrass Fragrance Oil


Sweetgrass Fragrance Oil

Sweetgrass is a herb often used by Native Americans. This fragrance oil captures the scent perfectly giving feelings of a fall meadow at your nose. It is sweet and hypnotic with a green freshness. Once you smell it you will be hooked. A very inviting fragrance.

Sweetgrass Fragrance Oil is NOT compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Sweetie Pie Fragrance Oil


Sweetie Pie Fragrance Oil

Sweetie Pie is divine! I've been smelling a berry odor for days now. It is on my clothing or something and I just haven't been able to figure out where it was coming from. Now I know! Sweetie Pie is like a berry sauce served over shortcake or angle food cake. It is wonderful! There are hints of raspberry and blackberry but a full strawberry scent. There are also hints of tropical fruits like lychee and rambutan. Rambutans are incredibly sweet and strawberry like. They are red and look like miniature porcupines. If I had not had someone else show me how to eat them I would never have bought them from my supermarket. WOW! I can completely see why people love this sweet fruit.

You can expect the Sweetie Pie Fragrance oil to turn your cold process soap to a light tan. It is beautiful and could easily be colored to a pink or reddish color to show off the more berry like odor. Don't expect any cake odors from this scent, just delightful harvests of mixed berries. The good thing is this scent isn't cloyingly sweet so you can make tarts and room sprays with this scent and have a festive aroma. I even think this scent would be good in shampoo!


Sweetie Pie is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Tahitian Flowers Fragrance


Tahitian Flowers Fragrance

Back by popular demand!!

Have you ever heard of the special gardenia flowers that grow in Tahiti? Does Monoi de Tahiti sound familiar? Well, we have worked to make a fragrance suitable for soaps and cosmetics that smells just like these beautiful flowers. A tropical paradise of Tahitian gardenia, a fresh twist of tropical fruit all into one sensual fragrance.

Works fabulously in soaps and the staff loved the scent in the lotions and creams.

Do not think this smells like a domestic gardenia, it does not! This monoi de Tahiti smells tropical and island like.

Tahitian Flowers Fragrance is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Tahitian Vanilla Fragrance Oil

Vanilla is so sexy and our Tahitian Vanilla is at the top of the list. This vanilla is so incredible I couldn't keep my hands off the bar soap. A bit citrusy and fresh. The soap is a nice warm brown and is better than a morning coffee. I asked our other staff members and they wanted to keep my bar of soap! I had to almost chain the soap to me or it would have been stolen for sure. No vanilla extract has ever smelled so good. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Tahitian Vanilla Fragrance is NOT compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Tassi Lavender Fragrance Oil

Tassi Lavender is a fragrance oil rendition of the Tasmanian Lavender Essential Oil. A clean lavender scent with a very floral profile. While there are undertones of herbs and wood, the primary notes are sweet, soft florals. Fine lavender can be somewhat ozone-like in a clean sense, certainly not medicinal or camphoric. You may know these types of scents as flower garden duplications.

A beautiful lavender scent.

Tassi Lavender Fragrance Oil is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Toasted Coconut Fragrance Oil


Toasted Coconut Fragrance Oil

Need a fragrance that smells like sunshine and sun tans? Toasted Coconut is it! Need a fragrance for warm bodies on the beach? Toasted Coconut is it!

Toasted Coconut can be used in lotions, soaps and more. Soaps will turn a lovely tan color. Coconut with caramel notes, paradise and vanilla. Yummy!

Toasted Coconut Fragrance is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Transfer Pipettes (droppers)
Large and Small

Pipettes are often called droppers. Use these transfer pipettes to fill lip balm tubes, measure small amounts of fragrance, liquid colorants and more. Once you have these on hand, you will find even more uses.

The small dropper has a capacity of 3.5 mL, there are 5 mL in a teaspoon. Markings on the side will show each 1/2 mL increment.

The Large Pipette has a capacity of 7 to 8 mL and there are no markings on the sides of the pipette.

Pipettes are plastic and disposable.

Photo Note: The Large pipette are shown on top, the Small pipette is shown in the middle, the Micro pipette is shown on the bottom.

Transfer Pipettes, Micro

These mini pipettes are perfect for making small jars of cream when you need just a few drops of a fragrance, extract, color or some special addition! These micro pipettes hold about 1 mL when filled into the bulb. Very handy to have for mixing small amounts of anything!


Tuberose Fragrance Oil


Tuberose Fragrance Oil


Welcome to Hawai'i! Experience the enveloping aroma of tuberose as a lei of orchids and tuberose is draped around your neck in greeting.

The beautiful Hawaiian tuberose has a distinct aroma and we've tried our best to capture it in a bottle! I think you will love this fragrance even if you have never stepped foot on any of the Hawaiian Islands.

Wait! What does a tuberose smell like? This Hawaiian flower has hints of coconut flower, bergamot, orange blossom, rose petals and ylang ylang. I can t easily describe it, but it is a fragrance that will have people coming back to sniff again!

If you make cold process soap, plan your soap discoloring to a light tan color.

Tuberose is not compatible with our cyclomethicone.

Vanilla Cream Fragrance Oil

This is a non-discoloring vanilla fragrance. We think it is awesome and solves the discoloration issue as well!

Vanilla Cream Fragrance Oil is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Vanilla Hazelnut Fragrance Oil

A wondrous vanilla indulgence. This one will definitely heat up your holidays and your senses with its luxurious sweet vanilla notes accompanied by a sprinkle of spice and last but not least perfectly accented with a touch of freshly roasted hazel nuts.

Compare this fragrance to Bath & Body Works Vanilla Bean Noel.

Vanilla Hazelnut Fragrance is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Vanilla Musk Fragrance Oil

This is a combination fragrance that works incredibly well together. It is not as sweet or candy like as vanilla hazelnut. Vanilla invites and soothes with the musk that gives balance and depth. A good sweet fragrance that is accepted by both men and women.

Vanilla Musk Fragrance is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Warm Vanilla Sugar type Fragrance Oil

With a fragrance like Warm Vanilla Sugar how can you pass up making sugar scrubs, bath salts and bombs, lotions and body sprays? Indulgent! Exotic! Sensual! Warm Vanilla Sugar has been fought over since it arrived in our warehouse!

Yes, it is a type! Bath & Body Works has the original.

Jody wrote to us: "I just wanted to let you know that I tried out the Warm Vanilla Sugar Fragrance Oil last night in my wax tarts with soy wax, and it worked excellent. Very good scent throw. Thanks!

Jody, we agree! Warm Vanilla Sugar is one of our favorite fragrances and it is a great candle scent. It makes any room smell like you have been slaving away in the kitchen ALL day!

Please note: This fragrance is not manufactured or distributed by Bath & Body Works, Inc., owner of the registered trademark Warm Vanilla Sugar.

Warm Vanilla Sugar type Fragrance is NOT compatible with our cyclomethicone!

White Sage Fragrance Oil

We have had many requests for a sage scent. Clean, fresh, nice and light are the words used most to describe this scent during our testing. A must to order!

White Sage Fragrance Oil is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Wicked Fragrance Oil

So, what fragrance could appeal to your inner Good Witch as well as your inner Bad Witch? Wicked, of course!

This fragrance combines musky notes of patchouly, vanilla, and woods with kisses of sweet citrus and plums. Was that a hint of pure white lily? Or was it the tip of the iceberg of sensual vanilla? Only you can decide if this scent should be worn by day to release your inner Good Witch, or by night to release your inner Bad Witch. This one-of-a-kind scent is sure to please all witches and warlocks!

This scent is both sensual and fun. Cheers!

Wicked Fragrance Oil is NOT compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Wild Mint & Ivy Fragrance

Our staff loves this new fragrance. It has been placed in soap and lotion and body sprays. It is so good staff members have been taking their samples home instead of putting them in the restroom! Top notes include spearmint, frosty peppermint and everything fresh! Middle notes are lavender and citrus. Base notes are woody, moss and patchouli.

Wild Mint & Ivy Fragrance is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Wink Fragrance Oil


Wink Fragrance Oil

Wink is a riot! A fruity top note blend of apples, peach and pear. Middle notes of rose, jasmine and gardenia. Base notes of vanilla and wild berries. This fresh and pear dominant scent is awfully fun and suitable to bring a smile to your face! Think fresh and WINK!

Wink Fragrance Oil is compatible with our cyclomethicone!