Icy Water Fragrance Oil

Product Details

The mountains are my favorite place to go. If I could, I would have snowy peaks all year long. Yep, I go bonkers when I wake up to a winter wonderland and it doesn't even need to be in my yard for the joy to overwhelm me. As much as I adore all of the gorgeous white snow, I am not fond of the bitter cold. So you can imagine my excitement when a sample of Icy Water crossed my desk. OH MY GOSH! This fragrance is AMAZING! Very Fresh!

Icy Water is an elegant, frigid, water type scent. It is a blend of frosty florals, a puff of the North wind, great glaciers and a slight note of evergreen. This is really a sophisticated type scent that would be at home in a spa. The scent reminds me of the winter-cold creeks that run down our mountain sides.

I think Icy Water Fragrance Oil would be a welcome scent during the overbearing heat of summer. It would a breath of fresh cool air. Icy Water is perfect year round for spas looking for a fresh, revitalizing scent. Wow!

On a side note, did you know that cold water from our taps is in the 40 F range, or lower, year round? Oh, how I miss this when I travel. Cold water just has a different odor and taste than warm water.

Icy Water is compatible with our cyclomethicone!