Kalahari Melon Fragrance Oil

Product Details

Kalahari Melon is a terrific blend of watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew. Notes of fruity strawberry, peaches, pineapple, raspberry, along with greens of violet leaf and green cucumbers are in this great scent. All of this great fruity blend are on a musk and rum base. Super fresh and wonderful!

If you want a great song to go along with the Kalahari Melon fragrance, try listening to Brent Holmes' Cow Tunes for Kids. You can sing to the Cows of the Kalahari while spraying the room with a Kalahari Melon spray. Too much fun!

Soap will color a pale tan. There goes that vanilla note!

Kalahari Melon Fragrance is compatible with our cyclomethicone!