Lip Balm Tubes, White Bottom Twist

Product Details

The white bottom twist tubes are our most popular tube. Tubes hold approximately 0.15 ounces of product, your formulation will determine the final weight.

Shrink Band Note: We have a shrink band to fit this Lip Tube. The product code is 802-8075 . See the Shrink Bands for the Lip Tube here.

A single jar of Lip Solutions will fill about 50 tubes.

Information on labeling can be found in this document. [pdf]

Check out our filling tray! Push tubes into the tray and fill 50 in no time flat! You will love it! To see the Lip Balm Filling Tray click here.

Don't forget to order the caps!

Tubes and propel.repel screw are made from Polypropylene. The small propel/repel disk is made from HDPE. Recyclable where facilities exist.