Marshmallow Root Extract

Product Details

INCI: Triglycerides of Caprylic/Capric Acid (and) Althea Officinalis (Marshmallow) Root Extract

I love marshmallows, don't you? When I first learned that marsh mallows are the reason for the candy-fluff we call marshmallows I was curious. What are these? What do they look like? How do we make candy with an herb?

In my research I found many claims about marsh mallow roots. I did not realize this root was claimed to be emollient, healing, or anti-inflammatory. I just kept researching this herb and found the root was able to make a gelatinous film that was used for moisturizing and conditioning the skin. You know how aloe is taught to help heal burns? Well, the mallow root can make a similar gel that can be caked on the body for a grundle of purposes. So, my fondness of sugary treats brought me to this extract. I think this extract feels very nice on the skin. Dewy, velvety, soft, and happy are all ways I would describe my skin after using the Marshmallow Root extract.

Do you like to make creams and lotions for helping your skin feel great? I do, too! I think the marshmallow root extract is going to be a favorite for my night creams and lip balms. You can use this extract in lotions, serums, hair care, lip care, and after-sun skin care. I think you will like this extract, and it might just make you giggle like a 6 year old who has a full bag of fluffy cylinders made of pure joy!

Usage rates for this oil soluble extract are generally 0.1 to 10%. We use up to 1% in the liquid bases like shampoo and conditioner, and 2 to 4 % in massage oils. Under extreme conditions we can see the usage as high as 10%, but only for indulgent personal care.

This item counts in the 10% discount applied to 16 fl oz bottles of Essential Oils, Flavor Oils, Fragrance Oils when purchased in quantities of 10 or more, mix or match!