Patchouly Fragrance Oil

Product Details

What happens when there is a world wide shortage of Patchouly Essential Oil? The price skyrockets! This is the case now. We are hoping to see lower prices at the end of this year but that doesn't help now.

We once offered the best patchouly fragrance oil we have ever smelled or tested. Then we had years of low, stable patchouly prices. You can sure tell that this item is no longer stable in price! So, we are once again offering the best substitute available. Try this fragrance oil in your soaps and lotions, or any fragrance blend that uses patchouly essential oil. We think this is the best substitute available anywhere.

There is some patchouly essential oil in this fragrance so the price is on the higher side. Compare to the real thing and you will see what a bargain this fragrance truly is. While we wait for better markets, patchouly away!

Patchouly Fragrance Oil is compatible with our cyclomethicone!