Soap Cutter

Do you pour your soaps into a block or loaf? We use this cutter to slice up our soaps in quick order. Sometimes this tool is called a bencher or bench scraper, or maybe even dough cutter. A simple tool with a ton of uses!

Stainless steel construction and certainly dishwasher safe. If you use high quantities of scenting oils we recommend hand washing instead of the dishwasher. Any plastic parts in a dishwasher absorb scent or flavor oils and they give it back to every plastic part washed in the machine. Your drinking cup now tastes like Patchouly, your salad bowl tastes like Rain Orchid, your cheese tray tastes like Hinoki Wood. Not fun and you get the idea!

The rounded handle area is easy on the hand and no hidden areas to harbor junk. Did I say this was an easy to clean item? It is!


    602-5250 Round Handle Soap Cutter $4.00

Save on Neem!

Neem Oil
If you're looking for another product that's great for skin care, look no further than Neem Oil! A perfect addition to lotions, soaps and more! We've even dropped the price!

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