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Andee's Cold & Flu Self Care Tips

SaaDI hope none of you are fighting the flu like me right now, with tissues shoved up my nose and blankets tucked up to my ears! As I was talking to Taylor and sharing thoughts about how to best take care of oneself when sick. As adults we aren’t so lucky to have our mothers tuck us into bed, feed us foods and make sure we are drinking enough fluids. While Jerry helps by making sure there is plenty of water in our apartment, I still have to make sure I take care of myself why he is at work. I’m on the mend, but I still will need to take it slow for a few more days. Here is my list of ways to take care of yourself when fighting a cold or the flu!

1: See a doctor if you are really sick. Sometimes, a doctor will just look at you and say “Yup, you are sick. Go home, rest and drink lots of fluids.” Other times, you may be fighting more than a cold or the flu and need a prescription medication. I know that sometimes you can tell if you need to visit the doctor, so don’t delay if you think you need to. Keeping a note book is a helpful way to share information with your doctor about temperatures, consumption of foods or other symptoms.

2: Drink lots of fluids! You body needs the fluids to effectively fight and when you don’t drink enough, you actually can feel worse! Don’t want to drink? Find a way to consume fluids. My favorite beverages include smoothies, Gatorade G2 packets (in Grape), chicken broth and ice water.

3: Sleep. My mom was always strict about me actually sleeping when I was sick. As it turns out, she was right! If you sleep, your body can fight more effectively. If you can, turn off all the lights and sleep. Using the computer, reading a book or watching movies are good for keeping you still, but time spent sleeping is the best time for your body to battle your cold or flu.

4: Lots of tissues. I can’t stress how important tissues are. It really sucks if you run out of tissues and have to use toilet paper to blow your nose. Your nose is easily irritated while you are sick, and painful noses make things harder. If you do have an irritated or chapped nose, I can now tell you that I now prefer the Bottoms Up Day 5 cream for my nose rather than Vaseline like I have used in the past. It didn’t even color my nose and my nose feels much better!

5. Try to keep a clean space. If dirty tissues are tossed in the wastebasket, you lower the chance of making someone else sick. I know that sometimes wastebaskets can quickly become full or even overflowing. I like to keep empty plastic grocery sacks by me for the reason as they can easily be tied shut and prevent someone else from having to clean up after me.

Do you have any tips for taking care of yourself? I would love to hear them!

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