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Here you will find dry colorants. Dry colorants are very cost effective to use.

A dry colorant should be mixed into a liquid before use. You can mix each colorant into water, glycerin or oil. Color listings will give the preferred vehicle for a carrier. Based on our tests we make these recommendations.

All the colors you find in this section of our catalog are a cosmetic grade. You can safely use these colors in your soaps, lotions and other cosmetics. We give recommendations where the color is suitable for use.

Some colors are mineral pigments and others are organic dyes. Pigments are usually dispersed in oil or glycerin. More colorant is needed when using pigments because pigments color by covering the original color of the product. The amount of white pigment in paint is the biggest difference between "one coat coverage" and multi-coat coverage paints.

Dyes color by imparting a color to other items. Easter eggs are colored by using dyes. You may even remember the colored counter tops, hands and clothes that were near the dye cups. Dyes are used sparingly. A single speck can color a 4 fl oz lotion with such intensity it cannot be used. Always dilute your powdered dyes before using them.


Each color is named after the color you will get when adding it to cold processed soap. The colors may not be the same when added to transparent soap base or other cosmetics.

You can vary the intensity by varying the usage rate.

One last note, the ingredients you use in soap can change how a color will appear. Be aware of how the fragrance and the color of your oils will appear without added colorant.

Always make a test batch first to determine how all ingredients will interact.



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Grape Color (dye)

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