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Lip Balm Colors, Oil Soluble

These colors are so powerful! I was very surprised by the ease of use when we were making lip balm with these colors. For a full jar of Lip Solutions I used the amount of a small grain of rice and could immediately see the color change!

We offer two sizes of each color, Hobbyist and Professional. The Hobbyist size is in our Clear 1/4 ounce lip balm jar. The amount is enough to make brilliant colored lip sticks all year long! Don't be concerned about the appearance of the small size, this color is a powerhouse of intensity. The Professional size is 1 fl oz and will make so much tinted lip balm you could see it for miles! or you could make lip stick for customers all over your state! I know you are hesitant to believe me but it is an understatement to say a little goes a long way.

Try all the colors. I know you think it is silly to want a blue lip stick but blue is used to make reds cooler and darker, blue is also used with yellow to make green so here is the color for your Mint Julep lip balm! Black will deepen the colors and make them more muted. Yellow brightens and warms. Coral is the warm red and Ruby is the cool red. White makes the colors more opaque and brighter. So I guess I am saying, get the variety pack. You will be glad you did!

All of these colors come in liquid form. They are easy to use and mix with any oil formulation you have. We have even used them for sugar/salt scrubs and bath oils. Use them anywhere you have an oil formulation.

TJ wrote to us: How I Used Them: I have wooden stir sticks and all I did was insert one of the stir sticks into the color, just picked up a touch of it, and then swirled the stick into the oils - it was unbelievable how little I needed to achieve full color coverage without it needing to be stirred forever

All of these colors are safe for use in the US for lipstick and lip balm. CI numbers and a full INCI name are supplied with each shipment.

Lip Balm Colors, Oil Soluble


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