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Essential Oils

Essential oils are the volatile oils extracted from plant materials. Essential oils can be extracted via different methods, however, steam distillation is the primary method. Essential oil prices are almost as volatile as the oil! Please check back often to find current product listing and pricing.

Please note that some essential oils can not be shipped by air, so please check with us before ordering if your order needs to travel by air.

Discount Information: All essential oils in 16 fl oz sizes will receive a discount when ordered in 10 or more quantity. You can mix or match within the essential oil, fragrance oil and flavor oil sections to make up the 10 bottles. The 80 fl oz size will not count in this discount, so please order in all items in the 16 fl oz size to get this discount. All will automatically discount in the online ordering system.

Check the Fragrance Calculator for recommended usage rates.

Juniper Berry Essential Oil
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Lemongrass Essential Oil
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Linalyl Acetate


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