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Bananas Foster Lip Balm

Making Bananas Foster Photo Credit The Pioneer Woman

Making Bananas Foster
Photo Credit The Pioneer Woman

When I was a girl, my parents would plan the occasional special outing. I remember one restaurant in particular that we frequented until it closed. They had a mouth watering menu that I can only vaguely remember. One thing I have not forgotten is their desserts. They had the creamiest Crème Brûlée, delectable Chocolate Lava Cake and my personal favorite, Bananas Foster.

I loved how they would bring a cart out, equipped with a burner and all of the ingredients. I loved watching the sugar and butter bubble away in the pan. I ogled as the bananas, cinnamon and liquor were deftly poured into the pan. I delighted in watching the chef putting the pan on fire. (I think that was half the fun.) Then watching as the whole contents of the pan were quickly poured over an enormous bowl of vanilla ice cream. Wow. It was like having dinner and a show.

While this lip balm doesn’t have the fantastic flame show involved, it certainly is scrumptious! Come join me for this delectably yummy lip balm!

Soy Lip Solutions
Caramel Toffee Flavor Oil
Banana Flavor Oil
Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil
Microwave Safe Container


Recipe in Grams
286 grams Soy Lip Solutions
2.8 grams Caramel Toffee Flavor Oil
2.8 grams Banana Flavor Oil
0.28 grams Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil
Recipe in Ounces
0.63 lbs Soy Lip Solutions
0.1 oz Caramel Toffee Flavor Oil
0.1 oz Banana Flavor Oil
0.01 oz Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil
Recipe in Percentages
97.9% Soy Lip Solutions
1% Caramel Toffee Flavor Oil
1% Banana Flavor Oil
0.1% Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil

Melted Lip Solution Base

Melted Lip Solution Base

Start with the Lip Solution base of your choice. I will be using our Soy Lip Solutions base, but there are many to choose from. Select your favorite. Heat the base gently in the microwave until melted. Once the base has completely melted, add the Caramel Toffee Flavor Oil, Banana Flavor Oil and Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil. Stir well. (If you are wanting to add any color, now is the time to do it.)

From here, you can either pipette the mixture into your tubes or you can use a filling tray. I will be using a filling tray because they are simple and fast. If you are using a filling tray, insert your tubes into your tray. Flood the tray with your melted lip balm. Allow the mixture to cool. Scrape off the excess. I like to use a plastic putty knife. Remove the tubes from the tray and cap.

If you are going to pipette the lip balm into the tubes, fill the tube until you get a dome of liquid material at the top. Wax shrinks when it cools and doing this helps insure that you get a very pretty top. Fill all of your tubes making sure they are domed on the top before they cool. (You may need to reheat your jar of lip solutions during this process. This is normal and to be expected.) Allow the tubes to cool and cap.

Now you can give your lip balm a pretty label or put it into a cute bag. Enjoy this great lip balm or give as gifts!

Stirring in Flavor Oils

Stirring in Flavor Oils


Finished Lip Balm

Finished Lip Balm

This label hints at the delights packaged within!

This label hints at the delights packaged within!

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