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Boxing Day

Boxing Day

boxToday is Boxing Day! While Boxing Day is not an official event here in the United States, I think it is very worth while. Boxing Day is an opportunity to box up items that no longer warrant counter space or storage space in the home and give it to a charitable group who cares for the homeless, those in poverty and those down on their luck. Boxing Day welcomes coats, gloves, boots, gently used clothing, bedding, kitchen appliances, and more. If you are burdened by stuff in your life Boxing Day is a great way to get your life back. Boxing Day can be your excuse to live a more simple and happy life all year.

This is a great way to get started on some of your New Year resolutions. Living more simply means we can focus on the important things in life, rather than the material things. Feeling bogged down with stuff? I had a friend tell me once for every item I took into the house, I had to take one out. While that doesn’t seem like a big deal, I found it really made a difference. I was more selective of what I took home and a lot more liberal when it came to donating, recycling or disposing of things I no longer needed.

Another bonus to Boxing Day saving money! “How so?” you ask. Saving your donation slips means that you can get deductions on your taxes! Please remember to pass on donation slips to your accountant. It is far better to save tax dollars because we have better ability to help people in need. Isn’t that awesome?

I love Boxing Day. It allows us to care for ourselves, our homes, for our communities and for our world. Won’t you join me today?


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