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Bringing 2016 to a close - what you should know

Bringing 2016 to a close - what you should know

We are wrapping down the end of the year of 2016. It has been an amazing year with so much activity. When Majestic Mountain Sage was in its infancy it was run on the schedule of my children who were out of school at the end of the year. In recent years the Internet has grown and so has a 24/7 lifestyle. I have thought long and hard over this issue and I want to return to the roots of our company – the one that says family is most important and sometimes the family needs to help the company and sometimes the company needs to help the family. Over the last several months the company has been given the overtime and extra care from our employees, now it is time for the company to allow the team to take a break and be with their families for the holidays. So, returning in 2016 we will be closed over the holidays and there are a few dates I want you to know:

December 16 – Last day our phones are available for technical support, phone orders and general questions.

December 19 – Last day to order and have the order ship in 2016.

December 19 through December 30 – phone lines to MMS will be closed and only an announcement will be available

December 21 – Winter Solstice – celebrate the beginning of more light each day!

December 26 – Boxing Day, Christmas has come to a close and this day is to reflect on what is no longer needed in the home. Please box up your unused household goods and donate them to a charity that helps the needy and homeless. Your out of fashion coats are especially appreciated.

January 2, 2017 is the day we return to work and ship all the orders you placed during the holiday. Our phones are back and working, phone orders and technical support are available.

A YEAR END FINANCIAL NOTE: Work your taxes right – spend the money in 2016 by placing your order with TheSage.com and since the items have not arrived until 2017 you won’t need to account for the additional inventory! You work hard already and taxes are a necessary evil, just don’t pay more than you need to. This tip is from my accountant. Ask your accountant for more details!

Thank you for allowing us to be your favorite supplier and allowing our team to take this much needed break. We wish you a great holiday season and a perfect 2017!

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