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Calendars and Freebies!

mapOur new calendar is in the warehouse now. I am so relieved. We changed this calendar a bit and made it a foldable type that fits under your keyboard, or on top of your keyboard if it is a lap top. YEA! Now you will know when the holidays roll around to disrupt the shipping schedules. We have even included a map of the USA for all the UPS deliveries so you can plan for the number of days in transit. Double Yea!!!

We are shipping these in orders as time permits, please request one on your order so we know you will get one. I have mine stashed under my keyboard for quick checks on vacation planning, class scheduling and even for the Day Light Savings Time adjustments. May I suggest to anyone who cares, listens or wishes to follow through with legal proceedings: Daylight Savings Time does not save time, daylight or assist with any business endeavor. DST only disrupts sleep, causes accidents, skews travel and alters business in a way that is harmful. Can you tell the lost hour of sleep is already making me cranky?

On a wonderful note, I would like to remind all our customers that the Gifts and Teas program is ongoing and gifts can be chosen for any order of required size. The new Cure Cards are now in our Gifts and Teas area and you can get these fun cards for free with a qualifying order.

The Sampler 7 is still being a bit difficult. In the past week we have had two orders for just the Free Shipping Offer. What do we ship? I don’t know. In this world where we commonly say “When I get time…..” may I suggest we all slow down, have a cup of tea and read to understand instead of scan for speed? It has been a while since I have done a Tea Tuesday, but today I think we should. Please send me your name and address through the Contact Us page. This is private and your information is kept private. Your name and address is only to be used to send a free bag of tea and a hand written note by little ole me. Would you like a funny for the day? One of my Postcrossing recipients said, after receiving my postcard, that my hand writing is archaic. So… you be the judge and let me know if my handwriting is archaic or not. So, if you remember how Tea Tuesday works, just jump to the link and send a note to me. If you can’t remember how this works, or you need a refresher, then follow these simple instructions.

First, I will only send tea to existing MMS customers. Thank you for being honest. This *free* offer gets put on relays and various scammer blogs and I get a ton of messages.

Second, go to our Contact Us page and choose the Community Pursuits radio button.

Remember to tell me about your favorite tea AND write your address. If you want, you can tell me what is happening in your life and I will have some fodder for what to write about. If you don’t give me subject matter then you are subject to my terrible puns, dog talk and utter nonsensical drabble. You have been forewarned. 😉

Have an awesome Tuesday everyone!

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