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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, part 5

Weighing out ingredients

Weighing out ingredients

Now it has been two weeks since Tina’s surgery and, yes, she also went to Washington state for a spinning class. Can’t keep a good knitter down.

Her surgery stitches were removed after one week and at the end of week two she requested a sugar scrub for her healing incisions. I will gather some supplies and show you how easy this can be to make. I will be using sugar because salt will be to harsh on the incision, we want something that will scrub but do it gently.

Collect needed items:

Sesame Oil – don’t have Sesame? Then try any type of oil you prefer.
Mixing container
Container for finished product
Mixed ingredients

Mixed ingredients

This is a simple basic sugar scrub to help exfoliate the dead skin and help alleviate the itching as well. After surgery we would expect that no seeds or luffa would be added to a scrub but as the healing continues you may add these more abrasive items as desired.

I will be making this sugar scrub and I want to use the 4 oz container. I will weigh 75% sugar and 25% oil into my mixing containers. Mix and then spoon into jars. This turned out great! I had to make one for me too! My hands are soft and feel fabulous, I know that Tina will love this.


After 2 weeks!

After 2 weeks!

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