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Christmas Traditions - PJs

For my family, the Christmas season is time to spend together. We watch movies, play games, read books and generally lounge around the house. Because one can’t just lounge around the house properly in jeans, my family started a tradition of Christmas pajamas, or PJs as they are called at our house.

When I was young my mother made PJs for everyone. Now, somewhere between the beginning and middle of December we all traipse off to the store and find a comfortable set of PJs for Christmas. Each person picks PJs that they will personally find comfortable. Sometimes we can find whole sets that matches our desires, and other times we have to mix and match the tops and bottoms. I like to find PJs that keep me warm, others like PJs that are silky, and everyone else in the family thinks I’m a walking and talking human popsicle. 🙂 (It isn’t my fault that my normal body temperature runs lower than most people!)

After the PJs have been purchased and we return home then model the PJs for the whole family. This has always been one of my favorite things to do. The first time wearing new PJs is so relaxing and cozy. As the years have passed I’ve found that my collection of Christmas PJs has finally reached an equilibrium of four sets. Each time a new set is added to the collection, another set has been worn out completely and is recycled in some manner.

Do you have traditions that are outside the mass trends? Do you have traditions that you would like to share? Which traditions bring a smile to your face year round? Please share so everyone can put something new in their lives and share a special season of love and happiness.

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