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Cleopatra's Milk Bath

When I worked on the Hibiscus Foot Soak, I was inspired by my own comment about Milk Powder and Cleopatra. I’ve added the quote below for you to refresh your memory.

Personally, I feel that a tub tea or foot soak is incomplete without Milk Powder. I mean, if Cleopatra bathed in the stuff on a regular basis to keep her skin fresh in the Egyptian desert, then what better excuse to use milk? No matter the reason, I’m a fan of milk powder!

After I wrote that, I was inspired to make a milk bath that I thought would be right up Cleopatra’s alley! I checked the web to see if there were things about Cleopatra that I could use as more inspiration as to what ingredients I should use other than milk.

As I found many myths, I decided to first focus on the ones that included scents. One story that I found mentioned that she covered her ship with rose petals when she planned on seducing Marc Antony. I also noted that Egypt dealt with trade including gems, oils, grains, fabrics and aromatic resins. Based on these stories, I made a scent blend of Rose, Vanilla Musk and Sandalwood. I think this would have been enjoyed by the Egyptian Queen!

Other stories mentioned Cleopatra bathing in a concoction of milk, honey and herbs. I added HoneyQuat to give the milk bath a humectant which would help the skin retain moisture. I finely ground Calendula, Rose Buds & Petals and Hibiscus Flowers to give the mixture the herbs that I felt it would use. I added the Hibiscus in hopes that it would add color to the bath water, but testing showed it didn’t add the pink color I wanted. The roses were added to accentuate the rose petal story and the Calendula petals were added because they have been noted to soothe skin.

Looking at my mixture so far, I decided that it would be too heavy and likely to be overused. I didn’t want the mixture to be overused, so I added Natrasorb to the mixture.

As Joy made the blog test batch for me, I was tickled pink to hear her comments about the milk bath. Here are her comments to convince you that this is a fantastic recipe.

I thought that the scent blend was nice. For those that have been turned off by the sweet fragrance of rose they should give this one a try. The sandalwood and vanilla musk go great with it. The scent is masculine and feminine at the same time. I was surprised at the color it turned in the beaker. I expected it to be pinker but it was just sort of a yellowish color.

Enough talking about this yummy recipe! Come join me in the kitchen as we make a milk bath worthy of a queen!

A sample of the milk bath in water.

Weighing ingredients for the milk bath.

Filled bags of milk bath.

Collect needed items:

Milk Powder
Rose Buds & Petals, finely ground
Hibiscus Flowers, finely ground
Calendula Petals, finely ground
Vanilla Musk Fragrance Oil
Sandalwood Fragrance Oil
Rose Fragrance Oil
Small Heat & Seal Tea Bags
Mixing Bowl or Bucket
Coffee Grinder or Mortar & Pestle

Recipe: 100 grams or 3.53 ounces.

Recipe in ounces:
1.06 ounces Milk Powder
0.11 ounces HoneyQuat
0.53 ounces Natrasorb
0.92 ounces Rose Petals, finely ground
0.53 ounces Hibiscus Flowers, finely ground
0.35 ounces Calendula, finely ground
0.04 ounces Cleopatra’s Fragrance Blend
Recipe in grams:
30 grams Milk Powder
3 grams HoneyQuat
15 grams Natrasorb
26 grams Rose Petals, finely ground
15 grams Hibiscus Flowers, finely ground
10 grams Calendula, finely ground
1 grams Cleopatra’s Fragrance Blend
Recipe in Percentages
30% Milk Powder
3% HoneyQuat
15% Natrasorb
26% Rose Petals, finely ground
15% Hibiscus Flowers, finely ground
10% Calendula, finely ground
1% Cleopatra’s Fragrance Blend
Cleopatra’s Fragrance Blend in Percentages
33% Vanilla Musk Fragrance Oil
17% Sandalwood Fragrance Oil
50% Rose Fragrance Oil

Weigh all the dry ingredients into a mixing bucket or bag. Weigh the HoneyQuat and fragrances into a beaker and then add to the dry ingredients. Mix thoroughly. After the ingredients have been completely mixed together, fill each small Heat & Seal Tea Bag with 2 teaspoons of the foot soak mixture. Seal with the iron.

Notes: This recipe filled 28 Small Heat & Seal Tea Bags with about 2 teaspoons of the milk bath in each tea bag.

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