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Cranberry Rose Cologne

Cranberry Rose Cologne

We’re back again looking at fragrance oil usage.

Today I want to make a cologne. Traditionally applied with an atomizer, cologne is made of 3-5% scenting oils in an alcohol or water base.

Because I’ll be using water as my base, I’ll need an emulsifier to make the mixture cohesive. I’ll use Polysorbate 80.

For a fragrance, I’ll be using Cranberry Rose. Here’s what our catalog says about this delightful fragrance:

“Cranberry Rose is a little fruity, a little floral, a little sweet, and a little tart all rolled into one sensual fragrance. Top notes of ripe cranberry, sweet strawberry, tart red currant are intertwined with hints of grapefruit zest, nectarine, honey crisp apples, and peach juice, while rose petals and sparkling champagne add character and sophistication.”

I’ll be using a 2-oz PET bottle with a sprayer closure as my container. I’m just going to make enough of the cologne to fill one bottle as a test batch.


Distilled Water
Cranberry Rose Fragrance Oil
Polysorbate 80


Measuring cup
Bottles and Sprayer Closures



5% Polysorbate 80
5% Fragrance Oil
90% Distilled Water

2-oz Test Batch

1.8 oz Distilled Water
0.1 oz Fragrance Oil
0.1 oz Polysorbate 80


Add all ingredients to the bottle if making a small test batch. If making a production batch, add ingredients to a measuring cup with a pour spout.

Stir or shake well to blend, bottle with a spray cap, and enjoy!


Make sure to use warm water so the Polysorbate 80 will dissolve. I forgot to warm my water, and it took a ridiculous amount of shaking to get the PS80 even partially dissolved.

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