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Creative Fixes and Ideas - Day 4

As the week draws to a close, I am ready for some time at home in my kitchen. While I don’t have plans for making soap or lotion, I was going to whip up a quick batch of lip balm before moving on to preserving and drying some of this yea’s harvest. I was planning on making the Strawberries and Champagne Lip Soother.

Here at the office, I am known as the lip balm addict. I always have a minimum of 3 lip products in my purse. As I type, I count 4 (make that 5) tubes of lip balm, 2 bottles of roll on perfume and one jar of lotion. That being said, I am not immune from over flavoring a batch of lip balm. One way you can avoid an over flavored batch of lip balm is to use the plate test.

We have featured the plate test on the blog before but it is such a useful technique, it is worth sharing again. You can use the plate test to determine color, flavor, texture and even firmness!

Testing color again

Testing texture and color with the Just for Her Glossy Lip Balm

To do the plate test, grab a ceramic, glass, china or even metal plate. You want something that is cool to the touch. Place a few drops of your product on the plate. Wait for it to cool and solidify. Once it is completely cool, you can evaluate color, texture, and flavor.

If you want to make any changes to your batch of lip balm, you can do this prior to pouring them into their containers. If you make any changes, be sure to place a few more drops on your plate to make sure your finished product is exactly what you want.

It is a quick and easy method to test without wasting great gobs of materials. Isn’t that awesome? I think so!


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