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CSW 2014 Special Spotlight: Shonna of Red Shed Soap Co.

cswIn my last post about CSW, I told you a little about one of the people who made our time at the Central Soaper’s Workshop so wonderful! Today, I’m going try to share our experience with another marvelous person. Let me tell you about Shonna Hilliard from Red Shed Soap Co.!

During one of the demonstrations that happened in the Soap Lab we had to fold most of our soap boxes along with their liners. While the process could have been distracting due to the crinkly liners being folded, Shonna helped fold boxes and liners in the back of the Soap Lab. Her folding was quietly efficient!

Shonna as she folds liners for the soap mold boxes.

Shonna as she folds liners for the soap mold boxes.

As Shonna folded liners for the soap boxes, she would watch the demonstration without looking at her hands and the liners she was folding. Without Shonna’s help, we wouldn’t have been able to make the Soap Lab as prepared as it was and we are very grateful for her help!

Shonna is relatively new to soapmaking. She has been taking been taking lessons from RuthAnn and her enthusiasm for soapmaking is contagious. She found inspiration while at the Central Soaper’s Workshop, but she was also inspiring in the Soap Lab. Shonna made her batches of soap and even showed newer soapmakers that soapmaking wasn’t as scary as it seems.

Shonna, thank you for all your help and the inspiration that you gave us! It was a pleasure to spend time with you!


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