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Easy Styling Hair Wax

Finished Hair Styling Wax

Finished Hair Styling Wax

Several years ago I took the plunge and got a short pixie cut. I loved how free I felt and how much easier it was to style my hair but it was also incredibly new territory for me. Each time I went for a new trim, my stylist convinced me to get a new styling wax or gel, something I had never done with my long hair. I had known what worked for me and what didn’t. With short hair I was unsure and that left my pocket book vulnerable.

Fast forward to last fall when I decided it was time to de-clutter my life. I have gone through entire rooms and when I got to my bathroom drawer, I was appalled at the number of hair creams, waxes and styling gels that were there. What really opened my eyes was looking as how many I didn’t even like. It was heart wrenching to see all of those containers of product. I went through and pitched everything that was old or what I didn’t like to use. At the end of it all, I was left with a few cans of hair spray, a hair relaxer, a can of mousse and a well used jar of styling wax.

Today I wanted to make my own styling wax. This way I can make sure that I have a wax that I like to use on hand AND it can be scented or unscented as I desire. It also means that I have more control just how much money I am spending on my styling aids. No more $18 jars of hair wax that I detest the smell of! Come join me!

Conditioning Emulsifier
Aloe Butter
Cabana Boys Fragrance Oil
Microwave Safe Container


Recipe in Grams
96 grams Beeswax
40 grams Dimethicone
20 grams Conditioning Emulsifier
243 grams Aloe Butter
1 gram Cabana Boys Fragrance Oil
Recipe in Ounces
3.39 oz Beeswax
1.41 oz Dimethicone
0.71 oz Conditioning Emulsifier
8.57 oz Aloe Butter
0.04 oz Cabana Boys Fragrance Oil
Recipe in Percentages
24% Beeswax
10% Dimethicone
5% Conditioning Emulsifier
60.75% Aloe Butter
0.25% Cabana Boys Fragrance Oil
Weighing Dimethicone

Weighing Dimethicone

Weighing everything except the Cabana Boys Fragrance Oil into a microwave safe container. Heat gently until everything is liquid. Add the Cabana Boys Fragrance Oil and stir well. Pour into jars and allow the styling wax to cool. Label and enjoy!

Thoughts: I am really happy with this recipe. In the jar it seems pretty hard but once on your fingers it softens to a creamy texture, perfect for applying! I like the little 1 oz sample jars but I feel that the mouth is a little too narrow for easy use and application. I think I would choose either the 2 oz Low Profile or 4 oz Low Profile jars.

And if I were making this for a guy? I would use the Gladiator Fragrance Oil to scent this product. Guys just love the scent! What can I say? I aim to please.

Weighing Aloe Butter

Weighing Aloe Butter

Weighing Beeswax and Conditioning Emulsifying Wax

Weighing Beeswax and Conditioning Emulsifying Wax

Heated Mixture, Ready to add Fragrance Oil.

Heated Mixture, Ready to add Fragrance Oil.

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