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Ebru Soap Challenge: Svetlana's Legend of the Pomegranate Tree

One of my favorite things about sponsoring Amy Warden’s Soap Challenge Club is to see all the amazing soaps that are made! Each soapmaker has their own unique perspective and ideas. Today, I would like you to “meet” one of the winners of the recent Ebru Soap Challenge!

svetlana-ebru Svetlana made this gorgeous soap which was inspired by the poem, “The Legend of the Pomegranate Tree” and she was very kind to share the poem in it’s entirety on her blog in both Russian and English. I recommend popping over to check out the poem as well as the cut pictures of her soap! I’ve counted at least 14 colors that were used, but I could be wrong.

I wanted to ask Svetlana a few questions and I hope you enjoy our “mini” interview!

Andee: When did you start making soap?
Svetlana: The first soap I made almost 4 years ago. It was Melt & Pour soap and I was very happy how it turned out! After all this time I realize that I was only at the beginning of a long and very interesting way of soap making. Now it captures all my thoughts and free time.

A: What is your favorite thing about Amy’s soap challenges?
S: In Amy’s soap challenges the most interesting thing is the possibility to realize all your fantasies in specified conditions of the challenge. It is always very exciting! That is why I am in constant search of new inspirations and every time I try to bring something new.

A: How much time did this batch of soap take to make?
S: Soap “The legend of The pomegranate” was done in one hour. For this time the soap batter allowed me to work with itself. And the design, preparation, implementation – took another two weeks

A: What advice would you give any soapmaker wanting to try the Ebru technique?
S: The main advice to those wishing to try the Ebru technique in soap – don’t be afraid to try! To open your eyes, open your heart and create! As one Ebru artist said “My Ebru heart is open for you!” Fully support her in this!

Svetlana, thank you for taking time to talk to me! Congratulations on a beautiful soap and taking second place in the Ebru Soap Challenge. You have inspired me to try something new!


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