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Fragrance Friday: Dreamsicle Fragrance Oil

Fragrance Friday: Dreamsicle Fragrance Oil

Remember the orange and cream ice cream on a stick treats from your childhood? That is exactly what Dreamsicle smells like! It took me right back to a hot summer day buying treats from the ice cream truck that cruised our neighborhood.

From our catalog:

“Dreamsicle is an orange cream dream. Sensual vanilla, refreshing orange create an uplifting blend of awesome proportions! I must say that I have yet to find someone who doesn’t like orange. I’ve met a few that don’t care for vanilla (GASP! How could that be?), but Dreamsicle is extraordinary. The house smells cleaner with a diffuser reed of Dreamsicle. My hair feels shiny and ready for a day at the park with Dreamsicle shampoo. My toes wiggle with excitement for Dreamsicle foot cream. I could go on and on, but that would only delay you from ordering this super scent. Don’t delay; order Dreamsicle today!”

What to do with this marvelous fragrance? I decided to mix it up with our Moisturizing Body Wash Base. Dreamsicle in the shower? Yes, please!

If you’d like a sample of the Dreamsicle-scented Body Wash Base, we have sent some sample bottles to our warehouse. Ask for one when you place an order, but don’t wait too long! I don’t expect these samples to last long. The smell really is that good!

Dreamsicle will discolor cold process soap a light shade of tan due to the high vanillan content, but don’t let that stop you from making a delectable soap with this fragrance oil. You’ll have to pry your family out of the shower!

Of course Dreamsicle would be fantastic in any leave-on skin care product. It would make a wonderful fragrance to use in a collection of products, too!

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