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Fragrance Friday: Gingerbread & Spice

Fragrance Friday: Gingerbread & Spice

Ginger! Cinnamon! Nutmeg! Brown sugar! Vanilla! Gingerbread & Spice Fragrance Oil hits all the best notes of a favorite treat.

From our catalog:

“Gingerbread and spice go hand in hand. This old fashioned medley is the perfect infusion of molasses and brown sugar, topped with the perfect blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger.

“Be modern, be nostalgic. Whatever you call this fragrance, everyone will agree it is awesome.”

Gingerbread & Spice is one of those iconic holiday scents, and it would make a great one for a soap and lotion set. You can make that as easy or as involved as you want.

Looking for simplicity? Simply order one of our moisturizer bases like Head to Toe Cream Base or Goat Milk Cream Base, then add the fragrance oil at the recommended moderate usage rate of 0.1 ounce per 16 ounces of lotion or cream.

For simple soaps, pick up one of our Soap Oils Kits, which is 16 ounces of oils all ready to be melted and combined with your favorite lye solution. Fragrance at 0.28 ounce per pound of oils. Couldn’t be easier!

Make some cute matching labels with gingerbread men on them, and you’re good to go!

Of course, if you want to use your own tried and true soap and lotion formulas, we don’t blame you a bit.

We hope you try this cheerful, undeniable holiday fragrance soon!

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