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Fragrance Friday: Juniper Breeze type

Fragrance Friday: Juniper Breeze type

When I began making cold process soap, Juniper Breeze type was one of the first fragrances I ordered from The Sage. My husband was crazy about the fragrance in lotion, so I decided to put it in soap for him. Boy, was he happy!

This is a fabulous clean, fresh, and outdoorsy fragrance. If you’ve ever sat under a juniper tree in the sunshine and cut into a juniper berry with your fingernail to release the aroma, you’ll immediately recognize our fragrance oil. If you have never smelled fresh juniper, give Juniper Breeze type a try. I promise you’ll love it!

Juniper Breeze is a Bath and Body Works scent. Our Juniper Breeze type is a duplication of their scent. This much requested duplication is very true to the real thing, but our version holds in soap, has staying power, and is suitable for all other cosmetic applications like powder, lotion, shampoo, and conditioners.

Now you have an improvement of the original with a stronger scent (not related to the just use more oil to get a stronger scent idea of fragrance usage). We wanted you to have the best!

Please note: This fragrance is not manufactured or distributed by Bath & Body Works, Inc., owner of the registered trademark Juniper Breeze.

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