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Freebie Friday!

I would like to ask what got you in the hobby of making your own soaps, lotions, lip balms, perfumes, etc? Do you, or a loved one, have sensitive skin? Are you looking to be more self-sufficent? Or was it that you fell in love with all of the scents? All of the scents and flavors certainly are enticing, aren’t they? There are just so many to choose from. How can one make up their mind? Well, Freebie Friday is here to assist. I will be choosing five products to describe and I will be sending 100 samples to the shipping department. If you want one just request in your order.

The first fragrance I have on my list today is Citrus and Basil. While easily described as an aroma of fresh citrus and chopped basil this scent is more inticing than that. Fresh citrus is definitely a main note here but it is wrapped with sweet basil which lays on top of clean marine and sparkling ozone. Imagine sitting on a Mediterranean beach with fresh pesto and a drink with a squeeze of lemon. A gentle breeze blows off of the water. Mnn. The gorgeous scent has a hint of something musky. This is a must have for any men’s body care line.

Next on my list is Snow Drops. This rejuvenating scent is a must for any spa line. This scent is fresh spring scented ozone touched with frost and a hint of fir. This scent reminds me of those early spring mornings that are crisp and cold but plants are starting to grow as the lines of snow recede. Cool, refreshing and full of hope.

Now we will move onto our next scent; Sandalwood Vanilla. Sandalwood is a very down to earth and woodsy scent. Mixed with sweet vanilla and a hint of moss, oak and pressed linens create this sexy and comforting scent. This magnificent fragrance oil is never out of season. Warm, soothing and inviting in winter, summer, spring and fall. Try this fashionable, and all time favorite, fragrance oil today!

Almost at the end of our list today is Sap Moss. Sap Moss is a soothing odor with fresh appeal. Fresh green moss is blended artfully with marine notes and an old growth deciduous forest. This new twist on what is old is delightful and refreshing. Plan for a northern cruise for this one!

Last on our list today is Love Spell. This scent is fun, fruity and sensual. Sweet musk, melon, fruit and floral notes blend together to create a spell binding fragrance that is sure to be a favorite.

Request any of these fragrances to be added to your next order. Remember, I am only sending 100 of each fragrance to the shipping department. Get yours before they are gone!


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