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Get Creative With Our Basic Bar Soap Oil Kit

Get Creative With Our Basic Bar Soap Oil Kit

Want to make soap but don’t want to come up with a recipe and weigh out each ingredient?

We’ve got a solution for you – our Basic Bar Soap Oil Kit! All you need to do is melt the oil kit, mix with a Sodium Hydroxide solution, add any desired scents or colors, then pour into a mold of your choice. This super easy option allows you get to have fun!

Want to jazz up this basic oil kit by adding your favorite luxury oil? Add up to 1 ounce of additional oil per pound of oils. Don’t forget to use the Lye Calculator to recalculate!

This kit features our Basic Bar Soap Recipe that we use to test all new fragrances, additives, or colors: 50% Hydrogenated Soybean Oil, 25% Coconut Oil, and 25% Olive Oil. You supply the lye.

The kit comes in three sizes: 16 oz, 5 lbs, and 10 lbs.

We envision this kit as being perfect for personal use as well as for group projects. The price point of $6.25 for the 16 oz kit keeps the cost within reach, and the results can be as varied as you like. Try using different liquids for your lye solution. Milk is always a favorite, but what about herbal teas, coffee, or even vegetable juice? With the addition of a luxury oil – shea butter, avocado oil, hemp oil, etc. – the soap you create can be truly a unique creation.

Included with the instructions for the kit are seven fragrance and additive inspiration recipes to get you started.

Have you used the Basic Bar Soap Oil Kit yet? We’d love to hear your thoughts and see your creations!

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