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Happy Chinese New Year!

I am thrilled to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year! Today is the start of a 15 day long celebration here in China. Isn’t that amazing? The Chinese New Year is a collection of several daily celebrations that accumulate into what we know as the Chinese New Year. Now before you ask, people rarely get all 15 days off of work but they do get some of the bigger celebration days off. Most of the time people get the first seven days off. Today will be a day filled of jovial street dances, wonderful performances and knee-slapping theater.

This year is the Year of the Horse. Were any of you born in the Year of the Horse? If you were born in the Year of the Horse this next year is said to bring fortune and auspicious changes to your career. For those who were not born in the Year of the Horse, not to worry, this is a good year for prosperity as well as great travel experiences.

In the evening, we enjoy a feast, special desserts and fireworks! I am so excited! The fireworks in China are so incredibly loud. It is so fun! What will you do for the Chinese New Year? Does this festival inspire any products or colors? I want to know!

During the next 15 days, we will accept submissions of products inspired by the Chinese New Year. All submissions will be displayed on our blog and each submitter has a chance at a special goodie box from the Blog Kitchen. Good luck!


Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year!

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