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His Valentine's Day Shower Tablets

His Valentine's Day Shower Tablets

Finished Shower Tablet

Finished Shower Tablet

Valentine’s Day is almost here and we are running out of time. Today I wanted to share a quick and easy gift that you can claim you slaved over for days when you were actually able to get them done in 30 minutes. Go ahead and exaggerate. I won’t tell.

These shower tablets are the perfect thing to freshen and perk him up in the morning without requiring a drastic change to his routine or an additional product to use. I don’t know about you but most men I know are 1 or 2 product guys. They like simple and easy.

Weighing Dry Ingrdients

Weighing Dry Ingredients

Shower tablets are perfect because you can just toss them onto the shower floor and continue with your routine as usual. The essential oils will be released as the tablet get wet, waking him up and preparing him for his day.

Baking Soda
Citric Acid
Peppermint Essential Oil
Eucalyptus Essential Oil
Rosemary Essential Oil
Distilled Water in a spray bottle
Microwave Safe Container


Recipe in Grams
340 grams Baking Soda
170 grams Citric Acid
56.7 grams Cornstarch
3 mL Peppermint Essential Oil
2 mL Eucalyptus Essential Oil
0.5 mL Rosemary Essential Oil
44 mL Distilled Water in a spray bottle
Recipe in Ounces
12 ounces Baking Soda
6 ounces Citric Acid
2 ounces Cornstarch
3 mL Peppermint Essential Oil
2 mL Eucalyptus Essential Oil
0.5 mL Rosemary Essential Oil
1.5 ounces Distilled Water in a spray bottle
Recipe in Percentages
60% Baking Soda
30% Citric Acid
10% Cornstarch
Q.S. Peppermint Essential Oil
Q.S. Eucalyptus Essential Oil
Q.S. Rosemary Essential Oil
Q.S. Distilled Water in a spray bottle
Adding Essential Oil

Adding Essential Oils

Mix the dry ingredients together. I prefer to use a bag because it reduces cleaning and dust. I am all about less dishes! Add the essential oils. Mix well. Spritz water in your bag until it is moist. If you want any color, just add some dye (water soluble) color to your water. Press the damp mixture into molds. Allow to dry and remove from the molds. Package in a bag. Enjoy!

Spooning into Mold

Spooning into Mold


Note of Caution: Do not package your shower tablets in glass. If any water gets into the container, if the container is then sealed up, the expansion can cause a dangerous explosion. Please be safe. We highly recommend “single serving” sizes packaged into plastic bags. These are much safer and give you plenty of cute options.

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