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How to Make a Meditation Bottle

You may have seen a video post on our Instagram page the other day of a mysterious looking purple goo in a bottle. Well we decided to have some fun with our left over glitters and silver mica and made these cool meditation bottles. This is a perfect project for a kid but not only kids. I had a blast making it too! I still find myself picking up the bottle and swirling it around, staring at it in a daze. I have also seen these called calm down bottles or time out bottles! You can use them like an hourglass, they have to stay in time out until the glitter settles.

Glitter Meditation Bottle from Majestic Mountain Sage on Vimeo.

Use glitter for your soaps? Now you can also use the glitter to make meditation bottles!

When making these bottles we did some experiments with a couple different products to see which would turn out the best. We tried mixing glycerin and water, cyclomethicone and dimethicone. I ended up with some really cool looking ones but I just was not getting the swirls that I had hoped for. So I took a trip to our nearest Walmart and picked up some Elmers Glitter Glue. I did about 80% hot water and 20% glue. Using hot water helps the glue melt. Just be sure to add your water first then your glue. I did it the other way around and ended up with a bunch of glue stuck at the bottom and it didn’t really mix in. At first I left a little room on top so I could add my glitters, Silver Mica, coloring, and more water or glue if needed. With these bottles there is really no exact recipe, it depends on what you want it to look like. Just do the 80:20 ratio of water and glue then add however much glitter, color, and mica as you want! Once you have added all you want put on the cap and shake, shake, shake it! If these bottles are for kids, super glue the cap on so they don’t try to drink or spill it. I hope you guys enjoy this as much as we did! If you do try this project send some pictures, I would love to see. Enjoy!




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